Fashion Tips: Transitional Weather

I helped out on a shoot yesterday & was reminded that March does not automatically mean spring. Although an early spring was predicted by the groundhog back in February, I think the true meaning of the season won’t hit until the expected date. In the next few weeks we turn the clocks back & the sun will pop up a bit more, but unfortunately the cold won’t vanish. This kind of weather leaves me so confused! Do I wear my jeans, knit and long boots? Or do I opt for a dress and a cardigan? Since it’s March madness and I know school is the priority of the month, let me put your mind at ease & help you out.

Here’s four stress free ways to stay fashionable in this transitional weather:


In this annoying weather, leggings are always a safe call. They’re lighter than jeans, but warmer than tights. You can wear them with boots, running shoes and even dressy shoes. I honestly have a love affair with leggings. I used to be obsessed with jeans in high school, but that changed when the legging world grew. A good pair of leggings used to mean dropping 80 bucks at lululemon, but now all sorts of places sell them for reasonable prices and are a lot more exciting patterns.

If you’re an in-store shopper I’d recommend checking out Forever21, I have a floral pair from there that cost the perfect student amount of ten bucks—and they’re actually cute & comfy! Totally worth it. I’ve also found a ton of websites online that sell crazy patterned leggings. Pair a crazy print legging with a simple, solid shirt & you’re good to go—These are the next two styles on my shopping list:

Pink “Explosion Font” Leggings (
Leggings in Stripe Print (

*Fashion tidbit. The 60s are making a comeback & bold black and white lines, Beetlejuice stlye, are in. Add this simple pattern to a coat, pant or purse & you’ll be right on point! To see more click here.

Cut Outs

I find myself getting hot then cold then singing Katy Perry songs in this weather. To fashionably solve this problem I’ve become a fan of cut out shirts & open backs. Both these styles are not only super trendy, but they leave room for air. I know that some lecture halls can get pretty hot, but at the same time you sometimes need a long sleeve to get you through cold walks to the subway. With cut outs & open backs you have the warmth you need, with a little extra breathing room.

Here are my two favourite looks:

Sheer High-Low Shirt (Forever21)
Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit (American Apparel)

Tights & Knee Socks

Dying to pull out your favourite summer dress? Favourite pair of shorts? Don’t be afraid! I’m a big advocate of the short. In fact I wish I could wear shorts every single day of the year. And since it will start to get warmer, you shouldn’t be afraid of pulling these summer staples out from your wardrobe. But instead of rocking them bare legged, remember the city your living in is a tad bit freezing and add this simple, but fashionable addition: A pair of black sheer tights, knee high socks & any pair of boots. Pair the look with a cardigan; knit sweater & scarf so you’re bundled warm for the colder days of this transitional weather.

When it gets warm enough, ditch the knee socks & rock tights and shorts. I love this look!

via: Emilio Estevez (Flickr)

The Maxi Skirt

The Maxi has been making an appearance these last couple seasons and there is no reason it should be left out now! Pick a warmer material maxi, throw a pair of tights underneath, some layers on top & you’re set. Although the maxi seems intimidating and hard to pull off, it’s actually super comfy and easy!

If you’re new to the whole long skirt thing (like I am), try it on around your house before throwing some boots on and rocking it outside.


As an overall fact just remember to wear removable layers (cardigans, jean jackets, scarves, hats, vests) so that you can beat that hot/cold mix up. This transitional weather can be a pain in the neck, but don’t let it defeat your fashion drive!

Is there something else you swear by in this tricky weather? Don’t hesitate to comment or tweet us at @RUStudentLife, I’d love to know what it is! And if you have any specific questions about anything in this post, feel free to tweet me @evesharabi.

Stay fashionable!