Expand your horizons through the wonders of Reddit

I’m a firm believer in gaining new knowledge for the expressed purpose of becoming a more interesting individual. I mean, we have this entire Internet before us, so why not exploit it a little?

Below are a couple sub-boards of a popular Internet community called Reddit. Reddit is quickly becoming the eminent Intenet community due to its relatively nice user base and its wealth of good information. These boards add new content every day (depending on the population), so if you’re ever fixing for some new info, you can visit for new things to read often.

Free Textbooks – Before this blog gets hauled down from this blog, let me say that this subreddit’s textbooks are all free and distributed with the consent of the author. This list compiles free books in the categories of math, physics, electrical engineering, economics and computer science.

LearnProgramming – Ever want to learn a program language? Don’t know where to start? This board has links to a number of free resources and courses that will have you compiling code in no time.

Ryerson – Pretty self-explanatory: Ryerson has their own Reddit board, and you’ll usually find a good little bit of discussion about our campus.

IamA – Best described as “free form interviews”, IamA’s are affixed with “I am a _____, ask me anything” quote. The thing is that these subjects are almost always interesting. Ever want to know what it’s like to be a knight at Medieval Times? That’s one of my favourite IamA’s.