Exam Season: A Roller Coaster of Emotions

It’s everyone’s most favourite time of the year: exam season! Classes are soon over, and exams are looming. Now, now, try not to get too excited! In all seriousness, some may think of exams as a good thing. If we’re talking about Winter exams, it means the end of another school year and summer time. Use this to your advantage as motivation to make it through the last month of school and through exam season. This next month, you will be witnessing, experiencing or relating to many of the following situations because EXAM SEASON IS HERE.


To start off, the majority of the students on campus are wearing sweats, or even their PJ’s. No one has time to worry about their looks because everyone is too busy hustlin’ and studyin’. Especially when we barely even get any sleep.

You notice that after you wake up, the first thing you gravitate towards is some sort of wake-me-up. For many, caffeine like coffee, tea, or an energy drink is their medicine of choice. Not a fan of caffeine? Try one of these out (or all of them):

  • Splash cold water on your face
  • Stand in the sunlight outside for a couple minutes
  • Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room or just hide it, so you can’t hit snooze a million times
  • Flip your head upside down to get the blood flowing to your brain (but please don’t break anything)


The Ryerson campus is often flowing with students, but during exam season, you’ll notice fewer students. I know what you’re thinking  and no, it’s not “the problem with Kerr Hall.” Instead, it’s probably because everyone is at a desk studying or finding a place to take a quick nap.

And finally, you know it’s exam season when there is no available desk to study at in the library building or even the Student Learning Centre. You may get lucky a find someone leaving right as you show up, but if I were you, I’d get there right at the crack of dawn when your preferred building opens and snag yourself a study space. If you try to book a room to study in instead, good luck because it is already probably all booked up too. Maybe a coffee shop around campus? Too bad it’s probably just as packed as any study space on campus. If you do happen to find a hidden gem, keep it secret, keep it safe.


If you were to ask me on how not to be stuck in one of these ruts (or all of them) during exam season, I would tell you the exact same thing as your professors, parents, or even other articles that you’ve Googled to help you out. It’s simple: don’t procrastinate, balance your time, set goals, and always give it your all because one day, you’ll be thinking back on this moment wishing you had tried your hardest and not left it all to the last minute.

Remember: You can do it!

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