Dropping Knowledge with the Drop Fees Campaign

A necessary evil of going to university is the process of paying for it. Whether working a summer job (or two) or applying for that fickle beast known as OSAP, students who manage to pay for their studies will be able to assume that they will amass at least a little bit of debt by the end of their time at Ryerson. However, the Drop Fees campaign is looking to change that.

The branch of the Drop Fees Campaign is part of a larger, Ontario-wide organization that looks to reduce tuition fees and enable more students to have access to post-secondary education. Supported by the RSU, they look to work for the students and involve them in the change of their university system. New on the group’s agenda this year is the focus to reduce poverty in Ontario, which in turn would open up more opportunities to those who cannot afford the education to pursue their dreams. Upcoming events for the Drop Fees campaign include a “grass roots” event in front of the student centre, where they will cover Gould Street with rolls of grass in order to promote the street’s closure.

On the horizon is the Drop Fees campaign’s Day of Action, which commences on November 5th. This large rally features students from all over Ontario marching to Queen’s Park to voice their dissatisfaction over the current system. Students looking to get involved will find that the group is always looking for new members.

“We need as many students as possible to get involved with the campaign, especially if we want it to be a major success November 5th” said Liana Salvador, one of the group’s leaders and the RSU’s VP of Education. “We have coalition meetings every Wednesday at 5pm which take place on the second floor of the student centre in the lounge space.”