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Extreme Makeover: Dorm Edition, Part 2

The wait is over

We left you hanging at the end of Part 1 when Cole didn’t seem too pleased and announced “we have a big problem.”

You don’t have to wait ANY LONGER because Part 2 is right here and ready for you. Join Cole and Gabby in the revamp of two students’ rooms in Pitman Hall, with everyone rushing to beat the clock and have the room ready in time for the big reveal.


Missed Part 1? DON’T PANIC, you can watch it right here.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who made this happen! Thanks to LaunderLust for providing $1000 to makeover Geordan and Alex’s room. Find out more about LaunderLust’s services, here.

Thanks to Gabby for her keen eye and patience from beginning to end. Gabby, you’re a star!

Can’t get enough of our Dorm videos? Check out our previous episodes, which focus on students’ unique DIY approaches to their rooms, and features student staff living in Residence.

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