Doesn’t Feel Real Yet | Nida Shaikh | #RoadToRyerson

It all feels so surreal…

The thought that I’ll actually be attending university still feels so surreal to me. Even with being a blogger for #RoadToRyerson and getting my schedule, it just hasn’t fully sunken in. I still feel like I’m going back to high school in September. (I know, crazy right? But hear me out here)

I’d say the main reason why it feels that way to me, is because of the gap in education that occurred. Gap? What? I’m referring to the teacher’s strike that occurred. Due to the strike, I didn’t have to go to school for practically a month! (A few days off of school was nice, but then it got to the point where I just wanted to come back to school).

During that time, it slowly began to feel like it was summer break. However, when they declared the strike over and school was back on, it felt so weird to go back. It felt like the beginning of a new semester or school year for a little bit. Then I began to feel worried, I mean there was only a month of school left! How were we going to learn all the information and still have time to review for exams? Although, in the end exams were cancelled, giving us more time to learn. (Although, the no exam bit kind of felt like Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets when Dumbledore cancels the end of the year exams).

That is the problem! We had a few weeks off of school and then we had no exams! I mean that was totally not the way I saw my senior year in high school ending. It just feels so weird, like I cannot even put this into words. It just feels surreal; I honestly don’t know how to put this any other way. Do you feel this way too, or is it just me? The thought of university excites me, don’t get me wrong, but it just hasn’t fully taken root in my brain yet. It is slowly but surely getting there though.

Enough of that talk! Let me tell you guys about my week… Okay, so maybe I didn’t really do much this week if we’re being honest.

Though, I did take a trip to Niagara. The day had started out nice but then during the afternoon the downpour started and man did it rain. I was at the outdoor outlet mall at that time. It was not fun. However, I have to say there was this moment when me and a few others were under the Coca-Cola tent and were worried if the rain didn’t stop in time, the Coca Cola van would leave. Why were we worried you ask? Because it was the #ShareACoke van! We wanted our names printed on our coke cans! In the end, it all worked out, the rain stopped and we were able to get our names printed on the cans! (Tbh, it felt like an accomplishment!)



In the evening, we also went to the Niagara Falls. I’ve been there a bunch of times but the view is still as breathtaking as always! (My photography probably doesn’t do it much justice, but hey I tried!)

20150801_200329 (1)



Other than that, I pretty much had a lazy week. Bought some school supplies, got my schedule (8AM Classes; HELP ME!), and spent some time on Tumblr and watching shows.

That’s it for me this week! Hope you enjoyed reading and that you had an awesome week! *hands you a box of pizza that has your favourite toppings*  

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