DIY: Easy Peasy Halloween Costume

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we’re on to the next holiday: Halloween.

While I love dressing up, deciding what I’m going to be for halloween is never easy. You usually have to decide between something unique or something simple that people will recognize. If you go for the latter, it’s awesome – people know what you are & it’s all good fun. If you want to be unique however, you have to go through a night of people asking:

“Wait, what are you again…?”

Whatever it is you decide upon: simple or unique, you’re going to want to dress up! While you may suppress a fear of being the Elle Woods at a “costume party” — don’t worry. It’s halloween, even if you’re the only person dressed up it will somehow be okay.

You’re reading this cause you need an EASY outfit. Something quick, something simple. And most importantly, something you can pull together in a limited amount of time. You’re probably heading to a party in a few hours, and still haven’t decided what to be. Well, call me your saviour! I’m here to tell you how to get the easiest costumes with an item you likely have in your closet. What is this item? A red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.


What you’ll need:

  • Big piece of bristol board (white) – the kind you used for your book report in grade 4
  • Double sided tape or safety pins
  • A red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.

What to do:

  • Lay out your red shirt, skirt, dress or pants on the floor
  • Draw out an M on the bristol board & cut it out
  • Using the double sided tape or safety pins, attach the M to your red item.

Makeup: If you have some red lipstick, throw that on. Easy & quick!

*If you have no time to get to a dollar store, buy a couple pack of M&M’s, toss them in a ziplock bag for later & pin the wrappers to your red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.

**If you hate bristol board & don’t mind drawing on your red item,  purchase a fabric marker to easily draw the M right onto your clothing.

DIY: Devil

What You’ll need:

  • A red headband (Check out Ardene for a cheap and cheerful one)
  • Red construction paper
  • Tape, hot glue or sticky tack
  • A red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.

What to do:

  • Lay out your red shirt, skirt, dress or pants on the floor
  • Using the red construction paper, cut out two triangular devil ears
  • Using either tape, hot glue or sticky tack, attach the ears to the headband

Makeup: Red lipstick, black eyeliner & red eyeshadow works if you’re looking for something quick & classic. If you’re looking to get more creative though, pick up some halloween makeup from the dollar store or supermarket – you can often little kits all over & they’re not too pricey! Paint your face entirely red, darken your eyebrows or add some key facial hair like the devil below.

DIY: Fire Hydrant

What You’ll Need:

  • Red Toque
  • Floaties
  • Cardboard
  • Silver (Spray) Paint
  • Double sided tape or safety pins
  • A red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.

What to do:

Remember floaties?

  • Grab a cheap pair of floaties from the dollar store
  • Douse them in the silver spray paint
  • Cut circle piece of cardboard
  • Spray circle in silver spray paint

* Leave paint covered items to dry. When dry:

  • With double sided tape or safety pins, attach cardboard circle to shirt or dress
  • Grab your red shirt, skirt, dress or pants and throw them on
  • Slide on your now silver floaties
  • Put on your the toque & you’re good to go!

Makeup: You don’t need any!

*The spray paint will take a while to dry, so give yourself a few hours if you can.

DIY: Thing One & Thing Two

Looking for an outfit for two? Whether it’s for you and your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or sibling – this is for you!

What You’ll Need:

  • Bristol board (White)
  • Black sharpie
  • Double sided tape or safety pins
  • A red shirt, skirt, dress or pants.
  • Blue coloured hairspray OR blue wig

What To Do:

  • Lay out your red shirt, skirt, dress or pants on the floor
  • Cut out two round circles from your bristol board
  • With the sharpie, scrawl on Thing 1/ Thing 2
  • Don’t forge to give the circle a black outline
  • Attach Thing 1 and Thing 2 circles to your red clothing item with either double sided tape or safety pins

Finish your look off with the blue coloured hairspray or blue wig! It will really take you from human to cartoon.

Makeup: If you want, you can paint your face white, eyebrows red and eyelids blue. But if you can’t be beothered, don’t worry. Makeup isn’t necessary for this costume!

I hope these costume ideas are helpful! While super easy, they’re also super fun!

Tweet me @evesharabi if you’ve seen a really good halloween tutorial. I’m still deciding what I want to be! I’ve thought of everything: Penny Lane from Almost Famous, Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom and even Wayne or Garth from Wayne’s world.

What are you dressing up as?

And Remember!

If you do dress up this year, don’t forget to enter RU Student Life’s 2013 Halloween Contest. With categories from best couple, best group, scariest, funniest and even worst, we’ve got you all covered. The rules are pretty simple as well: submit your entry via FacebookTwitterInstagram, Vine or YouTube with the tag #RUScared2013

If you’re a fan of email, we’ve got you covered: Email a photo & brief description to (subject line should read “Halloween Costume Contest”)

Whichever way you choose to, make sure to submit your picture by midnight on Halloween!