Discover Ryerson brings in the new crop

Ah, March Break – as we move to University, the time it takes place and the name it’s known by change, but the concept stays the same. A week off when we really need it: right before exam time and the ongoing storm of essay season.

I was put in a unique position this year as a tour guide for my program (Journalism)’s building, the Rogers Communication Centre. It was more than a bit interesting, and a tad nerve-wracking; I mean, what if there were questions I just couldn’t answer?

Ultimately, that’s what each program’s lovely administrative staff are for. If you’re a student at Ryerson or hope to attend here next year, there’s no better people to help you than the people who are paid to do so.

Anyways, it was nice to see so many fresh-faced and enthusiastic new students looking to start classes next year. Doing the tours almost became fun: I wanted to show what being a Ryerson student was all about. I mean, it’s more than just waffles and The Ram in the Rye – there’s an experience you gain by coming here. Though it’s a little cheesy to admit, I found myself wanting other people to have that great experience, just as I had. Here’s hoping they will.