Disability Awareness Week

From March 7-11, Ryerson University is holding the Disability Awareness Week in association with RyeACCESS. Disability Awareness Week continues the tradition of National Access Awareness Week which was first established in 1988 to promote better community access for people with disabilities and also to spread awareness amongst others on the challenges faced by those with disabilities.

This year in association with the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association, RyeACCESS held a wheelchair basketball game on March 9. Wheelchairs were provided for able bodied participants, with participation on a first come first serve basis. The game was held in the lower gym at 2 30 pm, welcoming enthusiastic participants. This was a unique endeavour to support the community of people with disabilities and to provide them with the best thing they can get- mental strength.

On the last day of the week, March 11 RyeACCESS plans on screening a movie called Temple Grandin which is about an activist Temple Grandin who was a woman with autism who became a Doctor of Animal Science and a powerful advocate for those living with autism. The screening would be held from 3-5 pm at Room A/B, Student Campus Centre.