Different Ways to Travel as a Student

As a Hospitality and Tourism Management Major, I’ve learned that travelling allows us to enjoy time off from our ever busy lives and daily routines. It can also provide us with something to look forward to apart from dreading school and working hard during the school year. That’s why I want to share some advice I learned the hard way – avoid classes during the summer, if you can! I took classes in the summer of all my four years at Ryerson and it is one of my biggest regrets. Summer is the opportunity for you to relax and take a break from all the hard work you put in during the year. To incoming students, my advice is to keep focused on the studies throughout the Fall and Winter semesters so you get the opportunity to travel during your summer, even if it’s just a day or weekend trip away in between working. I have outlined some opportunities for students to travel during the school year and summer. Enjoy the read!

Explore The City You’re In

Moving out or moving to a new city and into Ryerson Residence is probably one of many huge milestones in your life. You have taken the responsibility of becoming an adult and this should be exciting. You have the ability to leave and come back whenever you wish without your parents calling. This is an exciting time to learn and try new things! Whether this is going to Harbourfront at 6 AM or Wendy’s at 11:00 PM, you should t

ake this opportunity to get to know your new community. Try new coffee shops and restaurants in the area and get accustomed to a new daily routine. Ryerson has one of the most vibrant campuses with its location in Downtown Toronto. There are many districts for students new to the city to explore such as the Entertainment District, Queen’s Park, The Village and Kensington Market. Ryerson is such an emerging community and it easy to find others who like to explore similar places to you. Take advantage of long gaps between classes to walk or bike or TTC to a new spot and blow off some steam. While studying is important it is also important to have fun and enjoy these four years exploring with your friends.

Tip: Be prepared! This will be one of the biggest changes in your life. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Going on an International Exchange

Going abroad for a semester or year on an international exchange is an excellent opportunity to live somewhere else temporarily experiences new cultures, sights, sounds, and places. The ability to travel is embedded everyday as you enjoy the experience of education and learning in another city, country, or even continent. Learning opportunities are also plentiful as you can learn a new language in a new city with your other fellow students. I have many friends who went on exchange and their Snapchat’s are filled with cool and awesome foods, people and sceneries. Truly amazing!

Tip: This is special opportunity for students. Look into it and see if it fits with your school and other goals! Learn more at: http://www.ryerson.ca/ri/

Trips with Friends

As you start to build friendships with the students in your program and on campus, taking your a trip together can build a stronger relationship and celebrate your friendship. You and your friends have the opportunity to explore and do similar activities which you all enjoy doing together. Exploring and having similar taste will allow you to build an itinerary easily with no doubt. Whether it’s a end of term vacation to a hot and sunny place, or a roadtrip within Canada, make something happen! These are memories that will last a while and as the years pass by you will remember those moments. Remember to #tbt!

Tip: I would only recommend going with 3-4 friends, as the more friends it involves the trickier it gets.

All of these experiences and opportunities are available to students to enhance the learning experience. I believe that the more students travel, the more inclined they are to their education. Travelling provides us with adrenaline and a break which is very much needed! Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean travelling just abroad but rather exploring the community you live in as well. Good luck travelling and share your journey to Ryerson, no matter how far or close you’re arriving from, with the hashtag #RoadtoRyerson!