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Dear Students: A Letter from RAMSS

Dear Ryerson Students,

I’m ­someone that gets a lot of hate. Throughout my many years here at Ryerson, I keep hearing people talking negatively about me. 

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service, or, I’m more commonly known as RAMSS.

I help all Ryerson students enrol into their courses and other academic matters. My goal is to ease the life of students – at least, that’s what I thought, until I started to get hate messages from the very students I was trying to help.

“Slow,” “Ugly,” “Unreliable.” These are some of the words that I get a lot when I read Facebook posts or scroll through Twitter feeds about myself.

In my defence, let’s just say I don’t work well under pressure. I can deal with several students at a time, but when hundreds of students come for my help, I just crash. Can you really blame me?

I won’t lie, pressing my buttons can go one way or the other. On some days, people press me the wrong way, while other days, we connect perfectly together. If we are in sync, I’ll be nice and let you enrol into the course you wanted (but if you press me the wrong way, the next three months might be difficult…). I also like to take things slow, but I’m sure many of you know that (and for those who haven’t used me yet, you’ll see).

I’ve been doing this ever since most of you were young, and while most of you have changed as you grew up, I am completely the same (and, in my humble opinion, I look great).

I’ve had a rough life ever since I started, but I enjoy what I do. I enjoy helping students enrol into their courses – it’s exciting for me! While I work slowly, I always get the job done. And once you get to know how I work, I’m quite simple, really.

So, give me a second chance. I’ll always be here for you day and night whenever you need me, except between 12am – 1am; I have to catch up on my beauty rest to stay sharp.