Dear First Year Char

Dear First Year Char,

This is your future speaking to you. Well, by that I mean, its Fourth Year Char… You know, the person you’re anticipating to be one day. You’ve already done the math; four years from 2009 equals 2013, you’ll be turning 25 by the time you graduate, and hopefully, dear god hopefully, all your first year friends will finally be out of their post-high school stage. (Aka, not handling their liquor and being wreckless, haha.)

Well, let me tell you, they definitely calm down. And you? You do, too. You don’t realize it right now, but just because you’re starting first year university three years later at age 21 doesn’t mean you’re smarter or more driven or more talented than the guy next to you, so relax and tone it down a notch, will ya?

It’s an exciting time, I know. You’re on the cusp of something new. You’ve felt like the last three years of traveling and experiencing the world and discovering what it is that you’re really passionate about has finally brought you here to get that university life you always felt you were missing. Girl, it was worth the wait.

You’re natural instinct to explore will be your catalyst to the experiences that lay before you. Not just in the Ryerson world, but in Toronto, too. Stay open-minded and openhearted to everything that presents itself to you – there’s something to learn in that moment.

In the years that come, you’ll be exposed to so many different potential paths that sometimes it’s difficult to decipher which is the right one for you. You’ve got a good gut (not literally, because lemme tell you woman, you still to this day cannot keep up a consistent work out regiment), but you’ve got a good gut feeling about things and so you should always follow your intuition.

I don’t want to give you any spoilers, but what the hell, spoiler alert!; I’m going to tell you something. Coming here will not be the answer to all your questions. It will be the place for more questions to all your questions. You’ll come to learn that it isn’t about pursuing a career that will be your reality post-graduation. You’re going to learn how to learn.

You’re going to learn that the next four years aren’t about exams and essays and MLA format (which, thank god for Easy Bib, you’ve never had to write a bibliography your whole university career!) The next four years are about growing into yourself, building character, humbling yourself and being inspired by the most talented people you’ll ever meet.

You’re going to learn that when you leave this place, you don’t leave with a job, you leave with a thicker pair of wisdom-filled spectacles, a heavier tool kit stocked with skills to help you navigate through the next phase of life, and… an overstuffed pocket full of bigger dreams=)

Well, that’s at least what I figure right now. It’s not exactly June 2013 just yet. I’ve got two months left before I leave this place with a bang, but I think I’ll save that for another letter to tell you about later.

First Year Char, you’re the coolest little shit and it’s funny that I’m saying that as if you’re going to get any bigger. Truth is, you’ll never get any taller. (In fact, you’ll learn a few years down that we’ll actually shrink when we’re old. This is terrible news.)

Listen, I know you’re going to school rocking those zebra printed leggings, that purple RUN DMC shirt, knee high leather boots, with that black faux fur coat (that later gets stained in beer, yikes,) and a gold chain draped around your neck. I’m making you sound like a Nicki Minaj prototype but honestly, you go girl. Wear whatever you want, I mean, I’d never wear that again tooodaaayyy, but it’s 2009. Ga head witcha bad self.

Alright, it’s time to get back to working. By the way, you’re going to work on the TARA’s for your practicum project. Haha another spoiler alert!

Write soon.


Fourth Year Char

(Aka, cooler and wiser and more vibrant and beautiful! #JustSayin #hashtagsgetsooverusedthreeyearslater #incaseyouwerewondering)