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So this past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can contribute in the grand scheme of things! Along with attending some hot yoga classes, and having a coffee with friends and mentors here and there, I’ve been beginning to piece together my next step!

So far, I’ve attended an online UN career fair, signed up for certification courses to confirm my most industry transferable skills, added consulting to the list of possible careers, and am considering applying for my Masters in Environmental Design.

Early this week I booked a trip to the Galapagos Islands with one of my best friends and the two of us are stoked! It’s essentially an environmental reserve with the most unique and unaffected (by humans) species in the world… Mostly, I’m ready for the huge detox this trip will be. Camping on an island, surrounded by vast ocean, contemplating life while connecting with nature. It’s a lot like the environment I tried to create for myself with my last room mural.


Still not sure how I feel about those red undertones! But as people say, art is often what you can’t put into words. In a way it makes me feel as though some sort of positive change is coming.

While I don’t have much else in news this week, I do want to recommend two documentaries. The first is ‘I Am’ by Tom Shadyac. Incredibly simple, and so good.


The second is Girl Rising. I don’t have words. If you have the time, I would encourage you to make the time!

“…Change is coming, I will read and I will learn. I will study, I will return to school. I dare you to tell me it’s a waste of time. If you try to stop me I will just try harder. Put me in a pit I will climb out. If you kill me, there will be other girls who rise up and take my place.

I will find a way to endure and prevail. The future of man lies in me and this is the future I see. I am the beginning of a different story and it will become legend. And yes, perhaps it will only be whispered at first but just you watch it will grow to a roar, an inexhaustible voice that will usher in a brighter future. Do you doubt me? Do you underestimate my will? Look into my eyes. Do you see it now?

I am change.”


Anyway, so that’s it for this week!

Until next time!

– Dani

Ps. If you need a mural done, give me a shout.

Pps. If you care about women’s empowerment and sustainable global development, let’s have a coffee. ☺