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So this week has gone by pretty fast!!

By the time you read this there will 1 day until I visit my best friend in Kingston, 7 days left until convocation, and 12 days left for my trip to the Galapagos!!!

A 33-year dormant volcano recently erupted on one of the islands I’ll be camping on, so I am very excited! Perfect timing!

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This week I’ve been keeping myself quite busy! Attended a careers in renewable energy info seminar which was very interesting …& packed! Spent time cooking up vegan dishes/researching, went to a yoga class, and spent a bit of the time studying for a certification course. Of course, there was a bit of Netflix in between. Trying to kick the habit!

I also had a great conversation with an older cousin I’m very close with. I explained by predicament of looking for a job in a different industry and not feeling quite productive enough. She commented that I still seem to be defining myself according to how productive I’m being. Thinking about that, I realized she was correct. It’s something I have to adjust. She explained that this sort of ‘lull’ is something almost every grad experiences and it passes.

I get that, but to be honest, this waiting period feels long – and as far as I know, it’s just starting. Realistically I haven’t even had convocation yet though, so I’m fine. I’ve got some pretty big dreams, and I’ve already resigned myself to taking the necessary time to figuring out the details. I hear it’s more about the journey anyway. 😉


Anyway, now that I’ve accepted it’s okay to change my course in life, I’m finding a bunch of new avenues opening up! At the same time, I don’t seem to find myself settling into a career path. Still it seems to be in the general environmental field/category – after attending that seminar I started thinking about a career in geology. Then there’s the big hairy audacious goal of getting into the UNDP.

Either way, I’m taking it one day at a time and focusing on what I know. I’m finding myself able to commit the needed time to complete my Project Management Professional course, which is great! I have no doubt that will open up some opportunities. Getting on the ‘career’ train, if you will…


The course is my ticket. (for now)

“Run for it Charlie, run straight home and don’t stop till you get there!”

haha. ‘Til next time!

– Dani

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