Ryerson University pool with the water spladhing

You wind up, swing your horns forward and catch the robot off guard.

The light in its eyes flashes as it falls, in one big electric splash the robot and the calculator splash into the pool. You run over to the wall, grab the life ring and hurl it into the pool. After flailing another moment, the robot puts its arm onto the floatation device. You hear a slow clap from behind you. You turn and realize you are not alone. There is a girl sarcastically applauding not you, but the robot! 

“Nicely done Melvin, now would you stop messing around? Get out of the pool and come help me.” You watch in astonishment as the robot paddles over to the edge of the pool, pops the life preserver in its hand, throws it over its shoulder and climbs out of the pool all on its own.

You make a noise of surprise and the girl turns to see you. “Oh hi Eggy I didn’t see you there, don’t mind me and Melvin, I was just preparing him for life in the wild by letting him loose in Yonge-Dundas square for a bit. Melvin was my project for my ethics in AI class, but I grew a moral conscience about turning him off. So now I am trying to teach him to go about life with the rest of us! Looks like his circuiting got a little burned out today from the stimulus.”

“Hey, I found your calculator by the way, for whatever reason Melvin has started to collect the hard plastic covers off these, somedays I wonder if he has a plan at all and then I remember I built him to be an agent of chaos. 

Good luck on your test today eggy! Sorry for any inconvenience.