“Eggy, what are you doing here? And what is Melvin doing by the pool?”

You catch her up on the events of the day and she smiles. “Oh, you must really care a lot about your calculator! You see I developed Melvin with an extremely advanced AI so he can learn from his surroundings! It sounds like when he ran into you he was in an overwhelmed state from the chaotic energy of Yonge and Dundas Square! But then after watching you pull out your calculator and be at peace with the world, Melvin must have connected those two as cause and effect. Look! I think he really might be soothed by your calculator, he hasn’t been humming to himself in weeks! 

It’s then you notice what sounds like gears scraping together could potentially maybe sound like music in some situations (Like if you were a robot or robot parent). 

“Im sorry but he really does seem to have a secure attachment to your calculator Eggy, go ahead and use mine for your exam today, and quick! I mean look at the time!