Cutting Down on Your Vices: Give it a Try

Often when we find ourselves consuming harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana, but we don’t think about the harm it does to our body. Instead, we think about the temporary feelings we get out of it. Over time, substance use continues to harm our body and mind. So, for #14DaysDry, we’re thinking about our habits and how we can create healthier ones.

Starting today, (or whenever you’re ready), make it your challenge to reduce your substance use, and think about your habits. The beginning might be difficult, but that’s actually the toughest part. Once you overcome the start, you may begin to realize how much better you feel, mentally and physically.

Here’s how staying #14DaysDry, or whatever works for you, benefits your health.

You’ll Lose A Bit of Unwanted Weight

Alcohol is full of calories. To give you perspective: five shots of tequila is equivalent to two slices of pizza, a six-pack of your favourite cider is the same as eating six chocolate donuts, and four glasses of vodka cranberry is comparable to eating 18 california rolls. All you can eat sushi over four vodka cranberries any day!

Your Quality of Sleep Will Begin To Improve

Struggling with sleep? Over time, reducing your substance intake, you’ll find your quality of a good night’s sleep improve, meaning you’ll feel more rested and ready to take on the day, or you’ll fall asleep a little easier at night.

You’ll Start To Feel More Energetic

Because you’re not putting potentially harmful substances in your body, you’ll have more energy throughout the day. Keep your mind off your cravings by replacing a single cigarette with an hour of gym time! Or imagine what you could get done on a nice Sunday without the hangover from a wild Saturday night. Picture an entire Sunday, productive, with energy and none of the shakes or queasiness you may typically associate with a Sunday.

All it takes is will power, and we all have it in us, especially when it affects our mental and physical health. Don’t underestimate yourself or your capabilities. Join some of the #14DaysDry events designed to teach you a little something while also having fun.