Contest Winners: Halloween at Ryerson

Another year, another show of ridiculously awesome (and in some cases just ridiculous) costumes! Let’s round up our 2012 favorites!

The usual sexy-somethings were out this year: naughty nurse, hot french maid, “BUSTED” cop (LOL), “sideline sweetheart” referee, flirty sailor…and the list goes on. Less the better, cutesie smile, bunch of mirror selfies…you know how it is.

Some favorites this year were the Toddlers and Tiara pageant kids, Romney and Obama, multiple permutations of Batman, and the “1%”! Batman’s Bane was a crowd pleaser, but surprisingly there weren’t too many – probably because everyone was expecting a Bane overload, so then of course NOBODY was Bane. Oh well, they probably had a hard time drinking in costume anyway…

A huge shout out to all our Halloween 2012 Costume Contest participants (you can view all the submissions here:

However, there could be only one winner per category 🙁 The RU Student Life team came together last week, and after much American-idol (circa Simon Cowell era) deliberation, we’ve picked our winners (and listed runner-ups). Let us know in the comments or on Facebook/Twitter if we got it right, or if we messed up (hopefully not!).

Winners, pick up your prizes in JOR-04 this coming Friday.

Ryerson, keep up the creativity and we’ll see you all next year!

Best Overall
1) Lady Gaga
2) Altair/Assassins Creed
3) 3-Way Tie Between: Spirited Away, Wall E & Eva, Sushi Girls


Best Couple
1) Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask
2) Wall-E and Eva
3) Adventure Time Couple


Best Ensemble
1) Skyrim
2) Flintstones
3) Sushi Girls


1) Zombie Nurse


1) 50 Shades of Grey
2) Sexy Devil & Sexy Cat
3) Shitface


Most Original
1) Halftone Comic
2) Kite, Pam
3) 3-Way Tie Between: Wiz Khalifa, Altair/Assassins Creed, Wall-E & Eva


1) Sexy Devil & Sexy Cat
2) Hugh Hefner


1) Shitface