Come Play in the Sandbox

The evolution of the SLC continues with the launch of its new learning playground, Sandbox by DMZ! The rebrand presents a clear vision for its innovative space: a one-stop shop for community members and students to embrace their entrepreneurial intuition, explore ideas, and grow their skill sets.

Sandbox aims to debunk the myths of what entrepreneurship truly entails. You don’t necessarily have to be business savvy or technologically inclined to use the space. Students from programs that contrast this mindset, like myself, can curate the skills needed to meet today’s market demands, contribute to a startup or take it a step further and start their very own!

As the community arm of the DMZ at Ryerson University, Sandbox inspires students and the community to widen their outlook and consider careers they wouldn’t have typically categorized as entrepreneurial. Through a wide range of programs, Sandbox educates on creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills. David Kwok, Sandbox’s Programs and Community Coordinator, encourages students to walk through the Sandbox doors so that they can tinker with the idea of what a different kind of career could look like.

I came to university with a crystal clear idea in mind about my professional future. Like most people, that idea has changed since being here. Well, really, it’s changed to having no idea. That’s why I’m stepping into Sandbox where I can embrace the unknown, try out a multitude of programs, and reimagine the future. And if there isn’t a program for you? The Sandbox team will connect you with someone who knows just what you’re looking for.
Neighbour to the Digital Media Experience (DME) on the third floor, Sandbox is one of the many ways the SLC puts students first. Walk in, pick your tool, and design your own future. Whether you are in the arts or business, come explore, grow, and delve into the Sandbox – a career link for us all.