Choose Ryerson’s Orientation Theme!

It’s time to choose the theme for Orientation Week 2014, so we’re putting it in your hands, Ryerson. We have to show incoming students what being a Ryerson student really means and no one is better qualified for that than YOU! So, we’re asking you to help us create the theme.

Recently we asked you all what Ryerson meant to you and you gave some pretty sweet answers. Check them out here. Use these ideas to inform your theme:

Top 10:
  1. [label style=”dark”]Future [/label]
  2. [label style=”dark”]Family  & Home[/label]
  3. [label style=”dark”]Community[/label]
  4. [label style=”dark”]Diversity[/label]
  5. [label style=”dark”]Friendship[/label]
  6. [label style=”dark”]Good Memories[/label]
  7. [label style=”dark”]Pride[/label]
  8. [label style=”dark”]Innovation[/label]
  9. [label style=”dark”]Passion[/label]
  10. [label style=”dark”]Entrepreneurship[/label]


  1. Themes should follow the 3 Cs: Catchy, Clear & Concise.
  2. Themes should easily translate into something visual for this year’s logo.
  3. Themes should say something to our new students about what it means to join the Ryerson community. (Remember: This is a diverse group of people; not just your traditional ‘straight-from-highschool’ first years.)
  4. Themes should (like Orientation Week itself) welcome new students, help them understand important aspects of starting their time at Ryerson, and let them know there is support all around as they make the transition to this awesome place.
[dropcap background=”no” color=”#0012DE” size=”25px”]Submit your theme ideas to, tag us on Twitter or comment below by April 25th![/dropcap]
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