Celebrity Professor Wishlist at Ryerson

Remember that feeling of extreme hatred you had towards RAMSS when registering for courses earlier this year? Nothing was loading and your frustration grew while your computer froze. Soon it bloomed into a full out passionate hate on for RAMSS when the error message appeared on the screen or it showed the course was full. I have a feeling that very soon, students at the University of Southern California will be going through the same aggravations we here at Ryerson experienced when picking their courses next year. That’s because actor, director, model and writer James Franco will be teaching a film course at USC next semester. That’s right ladies, you could go to lecture every day and take in the deliciousness that is James Franco. That is, if you’re a student at USC.

Given Franco has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, two master’s degrees in writing from Columbia University and Brooklyn College, plus a master’s degree in directing from NYU, I’d say he’s pretty qualified for the gig. I guarantee there’s a swarm of students switching over to a Film Studies major with the announcement of Franco as their potential teacher. My only concern is where are the celebrity teachers at Ryerson?

Imagine how awesome school would be with these celebs teaching the following courses:

Astronomy: Captain Kirk (William Shatner) from Star Trek

Who else knows more about stars, galaxies, planets and outerspace than the captain of the USS Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk? There’s always a possibility of a class trip to Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. Plus Shatner could double as an English or Theatre school prof with his Shakespeare background.

Food and Nutrition: Chef Gordon Ramsay

I picture this class consisting of Ramsay yelling at students for the entire semester until you get a perfect grade on all of your assignments. On the plus side there would be a prize if you make it through the entire course. On the downside you might get kicked out if you have a poor performance.

Journalism: Seth Myers from SNL

Host of Saturday Night Live’s news sketch the weekend update, Seth Myers would make your journalism class so entertaining you’d never skip again. Course content would obviously be condensed into a few minutes while spending the rest of the time interviewing hilarious characters or cracking jokes.

Architectural Science: Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) from How I Met Your Mother

The hopeless romantic from How I Met Your Mother is already an architecture professor on the show, so why not bring his lectures to Ryerson? I hear his classes are mostly slideshows of his favourite buildings, and he likes to go out drinking with his students. On the downside you probably won’t learn much as his lecture will turn into a rant about his dating life, or be interrupted by ladies man Barney Stinson.

Computer Science: Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) from TRON

Jeff Bridges is a BOSS, and you could have awesome light cycle races with his Tron character every day during lecture. Enough said.

Tell me these imaginary classes would not kick ass. Comment below and let us know what fictional characters or celebrities you’d want teaching your classes!