Campus Questions: Where Oh Where is The Convocation and Awards Office?

The Ask Me RU team answers your questions every day, and yet there are some things they can’t always explain; so, Ask Me RU student and writer Jessica Myshrall decided to do some digging and give it a try.

The Convocation and Awards Office is the Platform 9 ¾ of Ryerson University.

“Surely, finding KHS 47 can’t be that hard!” you say. But be aware! There are magical tricks at play—or, well, poor signage. But let’s keep with the Harry Potter theme, shall we?

Last semester I was walking down the South-East hallway of Kerr Hall South in search of the Convocation and Awards Office, my scholarship application in hand. KHS 51… KHS 49… dead end. Go any further, and I would have been outside. Not thinking much of this, I exited the building, passed by the section of KHS located between the two archways (since there were signs on the windows that said, “There is no classroom in this hallway” and “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER. THIS DOOR IS LOCKED”) and I made my way to the South-East part of Kerr Hall South. Upon entering, I was met with another dead end and a staircase leading up to the first floor. I managed to make my way to a passageway that led back into the lower ground portion of KHS. Thinking I was finally going to reach my destination, I instead found myself in a wing that smelled like my grade 8 shop class. The room numbers? They started at KHS 37.

After backtracking and heavily scrutinizing each room number, I started again from the beginning. As unintelligent as this may seem, it is MY JOB to know where things are on campus. I GET PAID FOR THIS. I KNOW THIS STUFF. I was determined to crack the code by myself. It was going to happen.

It didn’t.

One or two more futile attempts later, I was back at the computer lab at Kerr Hall West 71. Then I did the smart thing: I called the Convocation and Awards Office.

“I’ve been looking for you guys for half an hour. Your office doesn’t exist,” I breathed dramatically into the receiver.

“Oh, you’re not the only one. We’re located between the archways,” said the man who picked up.


Just to be sure, I insisted on keeping him on the phone until I walked right up to the man’s desk and watched him stamp my application — as if it somehow legitimized the office’s existence. As I approached the doors entering into the middle portion of Kerr Hall South, I noticed there was, in fact, a small sign posted to the left that says “Convocation and Awards Office.” However, it doesn’t really come into view when juxtaposed to the “NO ACCESS” and “RYERSON FACULTY ASSOCIATION” signs.

In writing about this, I mentioned the subject to Ken who works at the Career Centre. “I put up the ‘NO ACCESS’ sign!” he exclaimed. Ken used to work at the Convocation and Awards office.

I think I spoke for everyone when I asked him why on earth they would put up such a misleading sign. “In case of attack,” he said, and went on to explain that it would save anyone being chased from unsuccessfully trying to escape through the second door (which is permanently locked).

So, there you have it, friends. Just like witches and wizards standing between platforms 9 and 10, you’re now in the know. Next time you decide to apply for money or to graduate, direct yourself to the dark and seemingly uninhabited location of KHS 47. If you look closely, you’ll actually see the sign for the office next to the double doors. Ignore the “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER” sign. It’s for muggles, er… I mean, the other guys. Now tell all your friends!

Fun facts: Ken says the office used to be a dormitory.

Jessica is your Ask Me RU writer and if you’ve got a question that just can’t seem to be solved, ask them @askmeRU or email and she might just be up to the challenge!