Calling All Collars

New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week. FASHION. FASHION. FASHION. Someone book me a plane ticket, doll me up and whisk me away to the front row of each and every runway!

How I wish this were the world I lived in. Unfortunately, I’m just another university student who scrolls through Twitter, Tumblr and devours magazine after magazine craving these luxurious trends. In my head, I have it all on – realistically however, I sit here in my typical leggings & vans as I type this.

The most wearable thing I’ve seen at fashion week – via Twitter and Glamour Mag, is the collar. During this past year I’ve seen it pop up on occasion, but now it is in its peak. The collar has stepped up for it’s 15 minutes.

Collars have made it so big that even collar embellishments have made an appearance! I may not be able to afford the lavish looks seen on the runway, but here are a few ways to work this trend into your everyday, regular outfits. Keep it casual with a dash of class.

The Simple Collar.

Buy a shirt that has a collar on it. But not your everyday collared button up – this season, colour blocking and contrast collars are right on trend! Try a black shirt with a white collar if you just want to dip your feet in – or change it up with a few funky colours & dive right in!

Gents don’t be shy to pick this up either! Whereas collar button downs have always been a guy fave, this season kick out the plaid and welcome in heavy prints & colour blocking!

Add It On!

Love a shirt you already own? Feel as if it could use that extra hint of glam? Add-on collars & collar necklaces are super fab. Everywhere is selling them, so you have a lot to choose from. Take a look at a few of the links below to see which ones you like. Don’t be afraid to try this out! It’s a little different, but it’s not much different from a necklace.

Casual Collar: &

Fancy Collar: &

Gents! Want to wear a simple shirt but need an extra pop? Bow ties of all sorts should become your best friend. Pop on a patterned bow tie – or something silk and sleek to freshen up that daily button up. (Check this one out for only $15!

Throw on a sweater!

Big, cozy, fuzy sweaters are making it big in the fashionista world this season. How much better could this be for a university student? It’s like the fashion gods knew what we love most. But don’t just throw on any sweater. Pair it with a nice collared shirt to make it especially special. Mix comfort with fashion and you’ve got me on board! *For this look, make sure that your collar is more structured vs. flimsy – that way it will really stand out.

Want to really stand out? Grab a collared shirt with embellished tips (Ladies:, Gents:, studs (, or embroidery. This can spice up your casual sweater, or leave a simple outfit looking extra special.

For more on the most wearable trends found at the recent NY fashion week, read online @ – Glamour is my go-to. They even suggest which shape of collar is best for your face type!

Now before I go, let’s take a step into my closet. Here are my personal favourite collar-filled pieces!

This simple button up can be worn with anything from jeans to a skirt and I absolutely adore it! I like wearing it to lectures. It makes me feel somewhat put together and the cut out shoulders are super fun!

I bought this dress ( just the other day at F21 @ Yonge and Dundas & I’m in love. It’s so simple and cute. The Peter Pan collar in leopard print is just perfect without being crazy. (Manlier version @ Urban Outfitters!

And last but not least, my very favourite add-on collar via H&M. It’s sort of a necklace, but sort of a collar & it’s just great. It looks like something you’d find in a vintage store – without that crazy price tag.

Try out some of these looks & tweet us your #personalfave collar look @RUStudentLife!