Bursaries make wallets smile

A couple of weeks ago, our program coordinator sent an email to the students in my program literally begging us to apply to a bunch of journalism awards. Up for grabs, among many others, was a $15,000 scholarship that no one had applied for. Having received the email during a class, I looked around at my classmates. Everyone gave the exact same reaction: a quick shrug of “I-don’t-have-time-for-this”, and back to writing it was.

It happens all the time. Tons of scholarships and bursaries go untouched every year but as students, we still complain when our bank accounts dip into the negative.

Here’s one you might not know about: the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) has a brand new bursary this year. It’s for $1,000. That ain’t chump change, folks. A bursary is a non-repayable award. That means you don’t owe anyone anything, unlike a loan or a bank line of credit.

The new RSU bursary is for all those entrepreneurial spirits who are hoping to make the next big product or company. Instead of spending your tuition money, OSAP or banks loans, apply for bursaries! The bursary is due on November 12 at the RSU office (3rd floor of the Student Campus Centre).

The best way to apply for scholarships/awards/bursaries is to do it early and plan ahead. The Student Financial Office has an updated list online, split into many categories. There’s something for everyone.

Get your money, Ryerson.

For more information on the bursary and how to apply, check out the RSU website.