Bob Skelly: Ryerson’s Community Ambassador

Who is Bob Skelly, you ask? If you hang out around Ryerson’s POD area and Jorgensen Hall, you’ll definitely know. He’s our caretaker. The reason why I say “our”, is because he takes pride in taking care of us, the students, and the community at Ryerson. His role and demeanor extends much more than just maintaining a safe and clean environment to study in. I prefer to call him “Ryerson’s Community Ambassador”.

Now what does Bob do to deserve the title of Ryerson’s Community Ambassador? First of all, he’s worked here for more than 15 years. Now that’s what you call commitment and loyalty! When he speaks, everybody listens because that is how engaged he is in the community. He takes pride in being a Ryerson staff, and promotes the university in any way he can. He even made a video tribute to former Ryerson President Sheldon Levy, which is one of his proudest accomplishments!Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.47.06 PM

Beware: Bob will ask you if you watched his video, so make sure you’ve watched it!

Recently, he was asked to be interviewed by CBC about his accomplishments at Ryerson and his contributions to the very inclusive and welcoming community. He takes advantage of opportunities like this and never misses a chance to let people know how great Ryerson is. He’s one of Ryerson’s celebrities.

Being part of the Orientation Team 2016, every day I walk into Ryerson in the morning and enjoy a conversation with the man himself, inspiring me to promote Ryerson to as many people as much as he does. He motivates me by telling me we can all work together as a team to showcase Ryerson as a great place for education and experiences. He always says he works hard for the students and that we are special. Whenever he talks to employers, he states, “These kids work so much these days, studying and putting in hours, it doesn’t make sense for any one of them to not to get hired”. He lets students know why they’re important and cheers them on in times of need. One of the biggest pleasures for Bob is when you tell him that you got a job. So, next time you need a boost, the first person you should call is Bob!

Bob is definitely an inspiration to Ryerson and myself. If you’re around and you see him, strike up a conversation and he will keep you entertained. We need to congratulate him for 15+ years of service and for bleeding blue and gold all these years! Thank you!