Ben Mulroney and others visit Ryerson for Juno panel

If there’s any entertainment junkies reading this blog, this is the post for you. Ryerson will be hosting a talk with many of the influential people who produce the Juno Awards tomorrow, on March 7. Panellists include eTalk host Ben Mulroney, executive Ed Robinson, producers Stephen Stohn (Degrassi: The Next Generation) and John Burnton (Battle of the Blades, Canadian Idol, Project Runway Canada) and director Joan Tosoni (Canadian Idol).

Together, they’re looking to hold a talk on what goes on behind the scenes of the Juno Awards, and answer students’ questions. It should be a great event for FCAD students, as well as theatre production majors who are looking to break into the entertainment world.

I feel the Junos are kind of under-appreciated, even in Canadian culture. I mean, we have this night to highlight the music that makes us unique, and people are usually really apathetic about it. I’m usually one of those people (I’m not a fan of award shows) but I guess that apathy isn’t really helping Canadian music get anywhere. If we want artists to be able to thrive, we have to make them think they will be rewarded for hard work. The Junos should be that reward. It should be that celebration.

I’m crossing my fingers for Shad to win this year. You should too.

The panel is being held in the RCC (room 204) at 7PM.