Be Aware

Studying in the library alone? Asking someone to “watch over” your laptop, books and stuff when you need to go away for a minute?

If that’s what you do, then you are taking a big risk, that too knowing what all might happen. Books, calculators and wallets getting lost is no big thing, don’t think that it can’t ever happen to you. What’s truly shocking is the fact that the students’ laptops get stolen in the blink of an eye. The thing that makes it hard to believe is the fact that the people who “steal” them are probably students like us as well. So one wonders how can one NOT understand how essential a personal laptop is in a student’s life containing a treasure of notes, essays, lab reports, pictures and memories.

This gone Friday I was studying on the 9th floor of the Library in the evening around 6 pm. There were very few people around maybe because of it being a Friday evening. A guy sitting behind me got up and went to the washroom for a minute and saw that his laptop wasn’t there when he returned. Obviously panic- stricken and shocked, he didn’t know what to do at the moment. Unfortunately none of the people present in the vicinity had a view of that person’s cubicle. The Security was called and all they could do at that moment was to ask a couple of questions from the people around and advise to not make this grave mistake again. Also, the possibility of having a sort of lockdown or something in the library and checking every person’s bag is very little and isn’t even practically possible.

So the only option we have is to be safe which is better than being sorry. NEVER trust a stranger to take care of your stuff and DON’T make the mistake of thinking that nothing can happen in a minute. Because from what I have seen, a minute is all it takes.