Student Awards at Ryerson University

The university experience is so much more than just what happens inside the classroom. A student’s holistic development during university is enhanced when volunteer or work opportunities are available outside the classroom because those experiences allow us to apply our learning to real life scenarios and experiences. These opportunities are further enhanced when we take on leadership roles within the various departments, student-led organizations or work-study positions available across campus. The Student Experience Awards at Ryerson provide the opportunity for leaders to be recognized for our growth, contribution and accomplishments.

University Wide Awards

University wide awards are open to all current Ryerson University students enrolled in any program of study. For detailed information/eligibility criteria or to print a copy of an application, click on the PDF link in the Application Required column beside the award you are interested in.

For a detailed list of all available University Wide Awards, please see: Office of the Registrar: University Wide Awards/

Student Experience Awards

OVPS Student Leadership Awards

*Available to students who are affiliated with a unit within the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students.

Awarded for the first time in 2013, this award recognizes and celebrates the contributions of new leaders at Ryerson. Recipients will be in their first or second year at Ryerson and will have made an impact on their surrounding community through burgeoning leadership involvement(s).

This award recognizes and celebrates the contribution that Ryerson student leaders have made outside the classroom. Recipients of this award will have shown a high level of commitment, lead by example, shown initiative and made a strong contribution to their community (Ryerson & beyond).

Creating a positive and safe atmosphere that is open for everyone is a vital component in any learning environment. The Community Development Award recognizes student leaders that have helped to build a sense of community through their caring attitude, outstanding interpersonal skills and their ability to connect people to each other and to their community (Ryerson and beyond).

This award is named in honour of Marion Creery who from 1988 to 2008 served as the Director of Student Services. In keeping with the example set by Marion, this award will be presented annually to two Ryerson students whose leadership demonstrates passion, creativity, and perseverance in making Ryerson a better place for students to learn and to realize their potential.

Developed to recognize a Faculty member that has proven themselves a key contributor in promoting and supporting student leadership education and development. The recipient of the award is a faculty member that has played an important role in enabling and guiding students in their professional and personal development within the scope of student leadership and affiliation with the Office of Vice Provost Students.

Experiential Learning Career Boost Awards

* Available only to students employed through the Experiential Learning Career Boost Program

Community engagement moves both individuals and their organization forward and supports the development of society as a whole. This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have strengthened engagement or expanded connections between their employer and the Ryerson community (students, staff, alumni or the broader public).

Thinking creatively, taking initiative, and demonstrating resourcefulness are key skills sought by employers today. At Ryerson, we encourage our students to create, explore, and test new ideas in order to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. This award recognizes a Career Boost student whose new thinking and approaches have had a positive impact on their employer, team and /or broader community.

Teamwork is a fundamental skill required across all sectors and organizations. This award recognizes an individual who has made an impact in fostering a collegial environment, using exceptional interpersonal skills to proactively seek out collaborative ways to work with colleagues in their department and / or across the community (Ryerson and beyond).

Experiential learning opportunities are key to enhancing a student’s confidence in their skills and curricular knowledge, its application to the wider world, and their overall professional development. The Outstanding Professional Development Awards recognizes a Career Boost student who has grown significantly through their Career Boost experience.

Ryerson strives to ensure the entire community reaps the benefits of studying and working in an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment. This award recognizes an individual whose efforts have helped to increase equity seeking groups’ engagement with their employer’s services and programs.

* Available only to employers participating in the Experiential Learning Career Boost Program.

This Award seeks to recognize a Ryerson staff member who has acted in a supervisory role for Career Boost students. Recipient(s) will show a commitment to the whole person, and commitment to community and inclusion – creating a rich, open and accessible learning environment in the workplace. Recipient(s) will also have provided tools and opportunities for student staff to apply their learning, and communicated development areas/progress.

International Student Support Awards

Recognizes an international student who has demonstrated a strong leadership to improving the quality of student experience at Ryerson University.

Recognizes an international student who has played a significant role to raise awareness about international students outside the Ryerson community.

Recognizes a student who has played an important role providing positive mentorship support to their fellow international students at Ryerson.

Recognizes an international student who has demonstrated significant strength to resolve a barrier and enhanced their engagement on or off campus performance.

Recognizes an international student who has been a strong advocate to raise awareness about the mental health of international students.

Tri-Mentoring Program Awards

Recognizes a student who defines the spirit of TMP by embodying the key aspects of mentoring: guidance, development, engagement, and support in their role and responsibilities as a member of the TMP community.

Recognizes a student who has added value to their community with their helpful approach, generosity with their time and inclusion of all members within the TMP and larger Ryerson community

Recognizes a member of the TMP community who has shown leadership skills by encouraging and motivating their fellow students and encompassing the values of TMP: personal, academic and professional growth within a mentoring environment.