As Greek as it gets

You don’t have to be Greek to be a member of the Ryerson Hellenic Students Association (HSA).

You just need a love for all things Greek. The word Hellenic means anything which is characteristic of the cultures of the ancient Greek civilization. Whether it’s souvlaki, Greek cinema or backgammon, there is something for everyone. That’s one of the key messages the club is trying to promote.

“This is a great opportunity to meet other students from Ryerson and to participate in the Greek community,” said Theodore Nanos, HSA president.

He says the club is expanding every year, with 160  current members. The association holds many events throughout the year, from educational nights to soccer tournaments. They just held a Ryerson Greek Day, which took place on Sept.27.

HSA’s main event is a trip to Montreal during reading week. Last year, the club had their own bus as they joined the York and U of T HSAs. Over 200 people attended the trip.

They also have a $500 scholarship as a way to support members. Applicants must write an essay about a certain topic. Last year’s was an essay on how the Greek community can engage Greek youth.

“It’s another way to get people excited about their culture,” said Nanos.

Check out their movie night on Oct. 7 at Oakham House A/B for a screening of “I Love Karditsa”. The movie will begin at 6:15 p.m., but arrive early to get a good seat. Visit their website for more information on HSA or follow them on Twitter @hsa_ryerson for the latest updates.