Best & Worst April Fool’s Pranks

Fun fact: I hate April Fool’s day. I think it’s the worst holiday ever, because it relies on your victim somehow magically forgetting that they have to be extra-suspicious of any kindness that is bestowed upon them today. So it’s important for me to find a prank that is actually engaging, and can overtake any amount of paranoia your target may have. Where you fooled yesterday? Planning your revenge for next year (or just some other random day, because you’re evil?). I wish you all the best of luck, and may your friendships last beyond the day.

Or you can slap one of these stickers onto your technologically-challenged co-worker’s printer …

Remote Printing

One of my roommates used to do this. She found out that we had wireless printing on our printer, and would connect to it and send us creepy messages via printer in the middle of the night. It was SPOOKY!

Lawn Gnomes

This is our hood, mo’fo.

Know what’s boring? Stealing your neighbour’s lawn gnomes. Know what’s awesome? Bringing them twenty friends to slowly take over the yard of your neighbour, ideally in compromising positions.

I’m Sorry, What?

If your friend/co-worker/rabbi/utter stranger has Spotify, or an iPod, or some form of music listening technology, then try adding in just one horrendously unpleasant sound – ideally a fart, because this is April Fool’s Day – halfway through the playlist. Just one. Then, leave them wondering their sanity and if they actually heard it at all.

The Penny Trick

Have you ever heard of water torture? This is kinda like a socially acceptable variant upon it. You start leaving pennies in a co-worker’s coat. Then their desk. Then their jacket. Then their binder. Then you break into their home and leave pennies on their bed. Eventually they go insane from too many pennies. It’s great, I promise. Bonus: a use for those pennies you still have lying around since we can’t use them anymore.

Free Snacks!

This one is pretty easy. Take your bag of Oreos. Scrape off the filling. Replace with toothpaste. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the two best part of Oreos: ruining friendships and delicious, sugar-based filling.

Craigslist Cantata

Not so much a prank you do to someone you love as someone you hate; but, step one: post a Craigslist ad with their phone number, stating that you’re giving away a free goat. Step two: say goodbye to whatever relationship you had with that person.

Kitchen Dilemma

Switch the contents of two kitchen drawers. That’s it. But really, imagine if someone had done that to you – wouldn’t you go absolutely inane?

Friendship ruiner only $19.39 on Amazon!


Have you ever heard of this wonderful product? It’s odourless, flavourless, and does nothing besides change the consistency of a drink. Sneak some in and turn their drink into coffee-flavoured pudding! For extra fun, gradually add some in so that the hallmark of a good April’s Fool Joke is achieved: the victim can’t help but wonder if this is actually happening, or if they are losing their mind.

The Purge (of Dinner)

This is actually a double whammy. First, get a friend to walk around with a Hellmann’s jar full of vanilla pudding, eating it with a spoon. This appears to gross out humans for some reason that I don’t understand. Then, when your friend takes a break, replace their jar with a jar of actual mayonnaise. This will also gross out your friend because apparently mayo is not an acceptable snack!


So, did everyone enjoy our #RyersonLemur prank yesterday?? We made the news, no big deal.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled, or the worst one you’ve been a victim of? Share your #RUFools with us on @RUStudentLife.