Another beginning

Welcome back to yet another eventful, exciting and challenging semester at Ryerson.  It might turn out to be the harshest one in terms of the weather, commuting issues and the subsequent study load hassles. For those of you who have still not gotten over the shock (or joy) of the previous semester’s GPA , its time to let bygones be bygones and start looking forward. The fall semester wasn’t exactly a great one in terms of GPA for me, and I admit I did spend a couple of days brooding over it but then I realized how I could still make up for it in the coming semester. It is okay if you get a few bad grades once in a while, as long as you know where you went wrong.  I mean we are humans, not programmed machines.

Look forward and learn from your mistakes that’s my mantra. For the first year ones, if you think there might have been some big error in your grades, don’t hesitate to talk to your profs. It is true that there can be mistakes in calculating the grades or marking the finals sometimes. So if it bothers you, email your profs and rest your conscience.

Also taking a fewer courses helps in pumping up your GPA. Although it is not always a great idea pushing off the required courses to the Spring semester but it helps if you want to concentrate on a fewer ones and do good on them rather than taking 5-6 courses and doing just average/bad. Being an engineering student, I know how sometimes students are not able to get their desired summer internship/co op jobs just because of a lesser-than-required GPA.

It’s the beginning of a new year, a new semester and a new phase. Start this year right, study hard, party harder (at appropriate times of course) and be the best you can.

Good luck everyone and remember the sky is the limit !!