Am I The Only One?

I recently realized that there are some weird things I do. I’m not a part time killer like Dexter Morgan & I don’t lead a 2nd life like Hannah Montana, but I do some things that make me wonder, am I the only one?

Getting Out Of bed
After hitting snooze eighteen times, I lay in bed for another 10-15 minutes doing absolutely nothing before I actually get up. I pull out my phone, check twitter & facebook, roll around for a bit longer & just generally avoid removing myself from the glorious bed-warmth. I don’t know why I do this, but it’s become a habit.

Fabric Softener
When I do the laundry if I miss the rinse bit (when fabric softener can be put in), I manually turn the knob back & put it in. There’s something about adding this to my laundry that just makes my clothes feel extra clean & extra soft! I think I like the fact that it reminds me that my clothes have actually been washed—even though I obviously already know. It makes me feel So Fresh, So Clean—cue the OutKast!

Reset My Play Count
Every year or so, I reset my iTunes play count. My favourite playlist on iTunes is “Top 25 Most Played” & I feel like it should effectively reflect my current favourites. Sometimes songs end up on there cause I had day obsessions with them—where I’d play the song on repeat until it gave me a headache. If I never erased my play count I think my top-played would be something like Avril Lavigne, from 5th grade.

Would You Be My Friend If….?
Thanks to my friend from high school, I cannot stop doing this. If you know me, you’ve heard me say this & you likely want to kill be because of it. I will start the sentence with “would you be my friend if I…” and end it with adding a random quality—like having a really hairy unibrow.

*on this entirely other random note, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT CAT WITH EYEBROWS?

X-Ray Bug Vision
I can literally spot a bug from a mile away. I don’t know how I do it, or why I was….graced with this, but it makes me crazy. I’ll be sitting in the living room watching TV & somehow spot a centipede (gross) running (even more gross) across the floor at the complete opposite side of the room. Ew, I really hate centipedes.

Ketchup On Mac & Cheese
Whenever I make a box of KD, the meal is not complete without some ketchup to top it off. I personally don’t think this is especially weird, but people always comment on it. I promise it’s delicious.

Don’t Sleep
I’m one of those people that stay up until 4am on a regular basis. I really don’t know why—I’ve self diagnosed myself with insomnia. It gets to a point where I’m like okay, if I don’t sleep now, I’ll entirely regret it in the morning. But even after that realization, I don’t go straight to sleep. The worst part is, even though I stay up, I don’t do anything productive with my time. I usually watch shows or Youtube, click around Facebook & Tumblr until my body is exhausted and I can finally fall asleep.

Face Washing
I wash my face every morning and every night, along with brushing my teeth. But for some odd reason, I always have to brush my teeth BEFORE I can wash my face. I don’t really know why, but I always do it & often feel weird if I do it the other way around.

Lying On The Floor
After a big meal, when I’m sick, or just in general I often find myself lying on the living room floor. It really is pretty random, but sometimes it seems more appealing then the couch—yeah I know that sounds crazy.

Pulling Faces
I’ve saved this one for last, because I probably do it the most often. I love making silly faces. I do it in pictures when all my friends are smiling, I do it to my friends when we’re in public places & I do it with my family. I just randomly like to make the craziest face I can. There’s no purpose to it & I always look a bit nuts, but it’s just so fun! I love when me and a friend will be across from each other in a store & pull these god awful faces from a distance—people in between us must thing we’re nuts. It’s amazing.
I could honestly ramble on & on about the odd stuff I do, but then I might just sound plain weird. But hey, in the words of Chris Chambers, Everybody’s weird. I might as well own up to it!