Alumni Spotlight: Tharsy Selvanantham

RU Student Life speaks with 2013 grad Tharsy Selvantham. Tharsy landed a job as a Program Assistant at Ryerson, after graduating just last June. Keep reading to learn more about what got her here and don’t miss the Alumni Expo this March.

What did you study at Ryerson and what year did you graduate?

I studied Business Management (B.Comm) at Ted Rogers School of Management where I majored in Global Management and minored in Sociology. I am recent graduate where I convocated in June 2013.

What made you choose that program? Was it related to the career you envisioned?

Like many students in high school, I was unsure as to what I wanted to do in university as the pressure increased by grade 11. The reasons I chose Business Management was mainly because I enjoyed and did well in the business courses I took, had amazing teachers, and enjoyed the business groups I joined.

My career path was to take business and aim to become a business teacher in the future; however my vision for my career path changed. Some students feel that changing their career path can be frightening. However, I find it completely acceptable to change career paths more than once, if you plan for the future accordingly.

Were you involved in any clubs or societies as a student? What did you enjoy most about them? Do you think they provide benefits for students?

In my undergrad I joined many clubs such as AIESEC Ryerson, DECA, Tri-Mentoring Program, and TSA. These clubs allowed me to gain many different experiences and future myself as an individual.  However, my experience with Tri-Mentoring Program was probably the most memorable one that allowed showcasing many skills that I didn’t know I had in myself. I started the program as a mentee in first year where I was matched with an upper year student. I then later became a student mentor for three years, and had the opportunity to work as a Lead Mentor for Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM). The best thing I enjoyed about this program is having the chance to see myself grow as an individual over the years, in addition to learning more about leadership, team work and myself.

The Tri-Mentoring Program consists of 3 tiers which include the peer-to-peer mentoring program, first generation, and career mentoring. It currently also has two leadership programs it runs called Live2Lead Summit and Tri-Mentoring Alumni Association. This platform help facilitate students to receive mentoring and provide tools in various areas such as leadership, student learning, and many more. It not only helps students with mentoring but provide financial assistant by offering bursaries to Ryerson students. I truly believe, this program helps a student grow from the first steps into Ryerson University up until and after graduation as alumni.

What did you do immediately after graduation?

After I graduation, like most graduates the first thing I did was continue to job hunt. In addition to job hunting I also made sure I had time for myself before I got into the working lifestyle.

Describe Ryerson in three words

The best choice.

What is your job title?

Currently, I have a great opportunity to work within the Ryerson community as a Program Assistant at the Tri-Mentoring Program in Student Affairs.

Highlight some of your past work experience

My past experience as a Lead Mentor for TRSM at Tri-Mentoring has taught me so much that can be applied to any field from leadership skills all the way to event planning and many more. An important experience I gained here in comparison to any other, is finding a job environment where you feel welcomed and comfortable. Being able to work in an environment where you feel that you belong and be able to express yourself without any judgment is a place where you’ll end up loving to work for. The reason I say this is because no matter how much you may love the work you do, it will become very challenging if you are not surrounded by a safe and comfortable work environment. This is what Tri-Mentoring is all about, being able to have a sense of belonging.

What personal qualities or abilities are important to being successful in your current job?

Personal qualities needed to be successful in my current jobs or any other position, is having the leadership skills to be able to go above and beyond the expectations. To be a leader you are the creator of your own journey. Don’t follow status quo and follow the trail of others, but leave you mark behind whether it be small or big. It often always gives us to have the ability to positively impact the lives of others through the actions made.

How do you see jobs in this field changing in the future?

How I see jobs in this field changing is the connection between students and professionals become closer together to change the Ryerson community for the better.
What special advice would you give a student entering this field?

My advice to any student entering their future career is the importance of networking and of course to gain the necessary work experience needed for that future path. Knowing the right people in your field can be extremely important for the fact that it will help you find the insights of how the industry is.

What is the most important thing you took away from your experience at Ryerson?

 The best thing I took away from my time at Ryerson was taking part of the student groups, clubs, events, etc. that Ryerson has to offer. The best way to take advantage of the university life is being part of the Ryerson community. This allowed me to meet new people not just within my program and at the same time gain new experience. Ryerson allowed me to break away from my comfort zone and try new things, while learning a lot about myself and meeting some unforgettable people along the way.

Is there anything you wish they’d taught you at Ryerson?


 How do you stay motivated?

Staying motivated can be challenging whether it be as a student or in your career. I believe the best way to stay motivated is to see the end goal and push yourself each and every day to achieve the goal. Eventually the blurry and messy path will become clear and achievements will be worth the struggles.

What, in your opinion, are the keys to success? Do you have any final advice for students? 

Different people have different opinions on what success means to them. However, to me it means enjoying what you do in your life whether it be in your career or personal life. My favourite quote is “Live the life you love, love the life you live”.  To me it means love what you do, and to follow your own path to reach that dream which will reciprocate love by what you do in life. When finding that inner passion of what you love to do, you’ll wake up every morning with a drive and motivation to push yourself each and every day to do and be better. Just focus on that passion, and everything else would just fall into place guaranteed. Lastly, never ever give up hope.

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