Alumni Career Confessions

Alumni Career Confessions: Tweet Chat Summary

By Kitley Corey and Maria Poonawala from the Career Centre


The Career Centre recently held our second tweet chat of the summer, where we teamed up with Ryerson Alumni Relations to host a chat with new grads and alumni to talk about their experiences transitioning into the workforce. For those of you who don’t know, a tweet chat is basically a bunch of people logging into twitter at a specific time and having a conversation using a predetermined hashtag. Ours took place on July 16th from 1:00-2:00 PM with #RUtalks.

When we asked Ryerson University Alumni if there was anything that they wish they’d known when they graduated, we were flooded with some pretty amazing tips. The most common and surprising response was that life experience, and not your University education, is the best teacher. Below are some highlights from the twitter chat but if you want more details, feel free to search #RUtalks or visit and take a look at previous conversations!

Hope to see you on twitter during the next one!


What do you wish you had known when you graduated?

“Your job search begins the day you enter university.” (@TheNazir)

“You’re always building on skills throughout university that you’ll need in the workforce.” (@SanaBanaBoBana)

“I spent too long expecting my education to do the work of getting me what I wanted, when in fact it was a toolbox.” (@ryancjcoelho)

“Apply what you learn. Theory doesn’t create opportunities, the application of it does.” (@ryancjcoelho)

“Networking is a life-long adventure, start early!” (@jonchiriboga)



What did you learn or do at Ryerson that still impacts you today?

“Group work – as painful as it sometimes was, prepared you for what was coming … more of it and with more personalities!” (@franavis)

“I learned to never burn bridges because you never know who will help you with your next opportunity.” (@griffithdsouza)

“Took advantage of the business internship program. That experience was so valuable for my early career.” (@jonchiriboga)


How have you stayed involved or engaged in the Ryerson community since graduating?

“I went to the career fairs every year so I could learn what employers were looking for way in advance.” (@TheNazir)

“I mostly keep myself updated via social media, though I do plan to attend career-related events if I’m available.” (@TheNazir)

“Staying involved by speaking at conferences and doing interviews with students. Always apriority for me!” (@MonikaPlatek)

“You could always transition into becoming Ryerson Staff. There are many opportunities!” (@RUStudentLife)


What’s the best way for students and new grads to get in touch with alumni and seek out mentors?

“Not #Ryerson specific, but @10kcoffees helps with just that! Connects students to industry over coffee chats.” (@m_miric)

“Alumni interested in mentoring can sign up through the tri-mentoring program.” (@griffithdsouza)

“We’re always looking for extra helping hands at #RUAW14 for Alumni weekend in October. Here’s how volunteers can help:” (@Ryerson_Alumni)


What surprised you when you left University and started your new career/life?

“Your career path starts while you’re in school, not when you step out the door. Make plans now!” (@btimtsang)

“Was important to have a goal so that you could be strategic in your job choices.” (@emacyyz)

“Getting out of my comfort zone was crucial to my career success. You have to go out of your way and sometimes ask for help.” (@emacyyz)

“How quickly technology is moving. It time to learn new things from the younger generations.” (@griffithdsouza)

“Generational cohorts matter – if you make an effort to learn, grow and understand others you can build synergies!” (@dariussookam)

“Invest in the people and the career will follow. At the end of the day, people are people, not titles or job positions.” (@btimtsang)

“How hard it was to find a job. A degree does not privvy you to anything unless you work for it & apply what you know.” (@cbianchix)

“Life experiences are the best teacher!” (@ryancjcoelho)


What do you wish you had told your 20 year old self?

“So much of career development relies on your relationships, so make them authentic. Quality, not quantity.” (@franavis)

“There are no right answers, just valuable perspectives.” (@ryancjcoelho)

“Take your time and don’t rush. Your career is a journey so enjoy it!” (@cbianchix)

“Take more risks. The skills you learned at Ryerson are transferable in more ways then you can imagine!” (@littleCarrieAnn)

“Stay calm and enjoy the journey.” (@ryancjcoelho)

“You’re only 20! Don’t work so hard. Travel more. Try something new!” (@dariussookam)

Keep up with the #RUtalks conversation and drop by the Career Centre for more info on what they do!