Almost the end

Time flies. Literally.

Its almost time for final exams with their being just a month away. And everyone knows how the weeks before exams seem to simply fly away. Students are most probably finishing their last labs, last assignments and the last midterms in the next one or two weeks.

And this is the time when one realizes the importance of every day, hour and minute wasted doing nothing the whole semester. I am still surprised at the fact that Fall 2010 is reaching its end, whereas at the beginning, the end seemed way off.

So its these days that you are going to find the library full at most times, with people who have come to their senses starting(or trying) to study solo. Also the stress levels are reaching their maximum points as everyone starts mentally calculating their most probable GPA (and trying to find out how much they need to score in the final to get through with flying colors) .

The final exam schedule is out which is also causing some students a lot of anxiety because of exams being all in a row. I myself have three exams consecutively. And that is going to be really hard to manage.

Solution? NOW is the time to start if you haven’t already. Splitting up a month gives you roughly 5 days for each course. Which isn’t bad if you really concentrate and are determined on working hard. Theres enough time to celebrate and relax during the Christmas break, and a good GPA would make the holidays definitely more enjoyable.