All the help you need

Who hasn’t dreaded Math at one point or the other in their lives? Everyone has had those math-phobia moments right from the time of doing math homework in elementary school, preparing for the math tests in high school and now having those nightmares being repeated in courses such as Engineering, Computer Science, Physics all of which require heap loads of Math. Although one should start loving Math if one has to study it even now, but nevertheless it still disturbs many people’s dreams and their GPAs too. But all of you freaking out don’t worry no more because Ryerson has its own Math Assistance Centre!! The purpose being to help students overcome their shortcomings in this subject with individual tutoring available for the benefit of the scared souls. Located on the 5th floor of the library, it offers different study session times for different courses. Check it out here and make full use of this amazing opportunity to get help.

Want to apply for summer jobs but not confident about your resume/cover letter? Or maybe, don’t know what all should go into it? Get one on one appointments to help build your resume with the Career Centre. Not only that, you can get experienced help related to your job search as well. Hurry up and book an appointment now.

Did you study hard all through the semester and still didn’t get the desired results? Or do you just want some tips and tricks to learn the proper and efficient way of studying? The Learning Success Centre helps students cope up with their study load and also provides tips on how to maximize one’s potentials. It is probably the best place to go to if you are in doubts regarding your study approach and how to make things work for your benefit.