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Outrunning the Unknown

This week, I want to discuss the emotion of fear. As convocation creeps closer, there are a lot of things that I am feeling fearful about. In fact, here’s a list:

  • Will I get a job?
  • Will I trip crossing the stage at convocation?
  • Will my brain stop working now that I’m done school?

Okay, maybe some of these sound stupid now that I’m writing them out…

But isn’t that the point? We build things up so much in our heads that we lose sight of the important things and end up making a mountain out of a molehill.

Jungle Of Uncertainty

However, I am slowly coming to the realization that we all have a choice: to remain paralyzed by the unknown or to keep pushing forward.

Right now I’m leaning towards the latter. Even if I don’t always feel like it. It’s like forcing yourself to eat vegetables, even if you hate them because you know they’re good for you in the long run.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you a fun little story of pushing past my boundaries. I hope this will inspire you to keep hacking away at the jungle of uncertainty, even if you don’t know what’s on the other side.

I also thought that it was weird that we’ve gotten to week 5 (?) and some of you have no idea what I sound like!


Note: You may need to turn up your volume.

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