Two Paypal ambassadors enjoying the paypal couches at OWeek

A Reading Week Bucket List Made Easy With PayPal

If you were on campus during O-Week, you probably heard about PayPal’s contest for students in which you can win up to $10k. What do you need to do? Just use their app to pay each other back! We all know the hassle of getting together our credit cards and spare change to try to evenly split the bill, whether it be that group vacation or a cab ride on a night out. PayPal’s app not only makes splitting the bill less awkward but it allows your friends to easily transfer money to you without waiting around to get their account information or having to remind them days later. Since it’s that time of year again when we’re knee deep in assignments, adjusting our wardrobes for Fall and counting down the days until Reading Week, I was inspired to think up a mini bucket list of group activities for Reading Week that I would use PayPal for to help me settle up IOUs.

Buy those concert tickets you’ve been holding out on

One of the most discouraging things about buying concert tickets is having to charge it to one account to assure you and your friends are sitting together. It’s no secret that Toronto is a concert haven, with so many huge stadium shows coming up in October including Adele and Sia, as well as musical festivals approaching, you don’t want to miss out just because you’re worried your friends can’t pay you back right away. Now you don’t have to worry, you can get paid back instantly, sit with your friends and dance your heart out to Cheap Thrills.

The PayPal zone and the concert in Kerr Quad during O-Week

Escape the stress

Shutting off from schoolwork is a necessity during Reading Week to ease your mind from stress, and my favourite way to do this is by doing something active and fun with a group of friends, such as paintball or rock-climbing. I’ve heard so many great things about Escape Rooms, which imprison participants in stylized rooms that they have to figure out how to escape together. This attraction has become incredibly popular in the city and is the perfect group activity to book during Reading Week, to not only build up those teamwork skills but is also an effective way to unwind after the first few weeks of class. Have you tried one? Let me know!

Spend a staycation at an Airbnb

The first thing I thought of when I heard about PayPal’s app is how much easier it will be to pay back your friends when you book a group vacation – so you don’t have to worry about who pays for what. It’s great to jet out of the city for a weekend in New York City or to spend a relaxing few days in Montreal. There have been so many times in university when I wanted to trade in my dorm room or all-too-familiar apartment for a holiday with friends, but not all of us had the money for a big trip. Even the thought of trying to organize a group vacation and coordinating flights and schedules can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when we already have so many assignments to catch up on. Luckily, there’s so many great places to spend a staycation, whether it be a rustic cabin in Blue Mountain or an elegant condo downtown so you can feel like you’re on vacation without having to go too far. Using PayPal’s app will take away the stress of who-owes-who so you can just enjoy your time together.


Act as a tourist for the day

There are so many great aspects of Toronto but because we’re either commuting or stuck in class, we don’t always have time to explore them. I’m surprised at how many of my friends have never been to the CN Tower, visited Ripley’s Aquarium or been to Canada’s Wonderland, especially since there are so many discounted student ticket deals. Reading Week is the perfect time to start feeling festive by visiting the Halloween Haunt, so when you go to grab those group deals on Groupon or at the RSU, you can rest easy knowing that your friends can transfer you the money right away.

Coffee hop through cute cafes

Splitting the bill for meals has now been made possible without the social awkwardness, which encouraged me to think of new places I want to take my friends so we can satisfy our coffee cravings together. Toronto is filled with so many cute, cosy café’s that I have yet to check out. So often I find myself living vicariously through the bloggers I follow on Instagram who spend their time snapping their mouthwatering desserts and latte designs, and so this Reading Week I’m going to try some out for myself. There’s nothing like a coffee filled group adventure with where we can kick back and play a few games at Snakes and Lattes, or spend the afternoon being surrounded by feline friends at the Cat Café. Coffee hopping is something I’ve always wanted to do and now that splitting the bill for drinks and cabs is as easy as tic tac toe, I’m all up for it.

So whether it’s a group vacation or an exciting concert, your Reading Week adventures are going to be all the more accessible and fun this year. Once you’re registered, every time you use the app you’re entered to win one of five weekly prizes of $1,000. Download it now, tell your friends and enjoy a stress free Reading Week full of adventure!