A little cheering up

Hey guys so everyone has been stressing a lot about exams and the optimistic few have already started making plans for after. Thinking about how awesome life is going to be after you are done with the finals gives you a sort of positive energy which is a good thing.

If you haven’t had something already planned out for the winter break, and you want to do something really amazing you should check out the Ryerson Adventure Society’ s Vermont Ski Trip scheduled from December 19th to 23rd at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, USA. The cost of $399 for this trip includes 4 Days Lift Tickets, 4 Nights Accommodation in a 2 Bedroom Slopeside Condo with kitchen and return coach transportation. Considering all the facilities offered, it is definitely worth your money. Check out the full details here. Skiing is definitely one of the most adventurous and adrenaline pumping sport. For all the fans, this is the perfect opportunity.

After the strenuous exams and before the result is out, go take a break and chill for3-4 days without any worries or stress on your mind. We all deserve a break. So take out time, appreciate all the efforts you have put in over the semester and be happy about the fact that you managed to pull through yet another semester.