A Letter of Gratitude | Jolyon Etaoghene | #RoadToRyerson

Dear Ramily,

This is my open letter of gratitude to you, RU Student Life, the Ryerson Student Union, Ryerson International Student Support, my Faculty and Program for making my orientation experience part of a story of my life. Honestly writing, I have never attended an orientation with the experience living in my head afterwards.

Thank you to the members of our community at Ryerson University for the social media updates across different platforms, emphasizing the importance and benefits of attending welcome week. Thanks to the Faculty of Arts and POGSA for their orientation and workshops they organized for us. Thanks again, Ryerson Student Union for bringing Drake and other famous artists on campus.

Thank you to us, students, who call this community home. I used to think it’d be chaotic living amongst students from over a hundred and twenty countries.

I wish you best of luck this school year.

Bye now.

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