A bump in your ride

Starting May 2011, the TTC might prove to be a troublesome bother for its faithful horde of daily commuters with plans of cutting service on 48 bus routes. The TTC intends to give this process a fancier name by calling it “service reallocation”, implying that there would be elimination or reduction of service on what it has found out to be underused routes. The savings hence would be reinvested in busier routes, making it sound kind of reasonable from their point of view. But from the point of view of the general public? We just need to get home from school/office/work and vice versa, safe, sound and hassle free. Alternate routes that would involve spending twice or thrice the normal time one usually does, is certainly not the idea of having supposedly ‘convenient’ public transit.

For us students, wasting that much time on commuting every single day would take a serious toll on our studies and mental well being. Well wasting time is still acceptable, imagine if you need to go home after like 10 pm and there is no way to get there by public transit. Yeah, sounds like trouble.

Makes one wonder what is the reason behind this new proposal? The TTC has estimated that it would save the city of Toronto approximately $7 million of precious money. Agreeing that it’s a lot of moolah, and would possibly prevent another fare increase( after the recent ones, another would be disastrous), we just want that at the end of the day, the TTC lives up to what it is basically meant for- public convenience.