5 Useful Career Related Resources for Every Student

It can be overwhelming to find the right information when there are so many websites out there. Therefore, I’ve narrowed down the list of the top 5 helpful career-related sites for undergraduate students that offer tons of career advice and industry specific content.

1. The Daily Muse

DailyMuseWould you like to take an internal look at a company’s culture, meet some of the workers, and check out the environment? This is one of my favourite websites to go to when I’m trying to find career advice or figuring out what it might be like working at a company. Not only does it have exciting job opportunities, tons of resources and expert advice, but there is a unique feature that gives you an insider’s perspective on inspiring companies you might want to work for. In addition to that, they also feature employees who work at these companies. This is especially helpful because it’s like getting to know them virtually and receiving the inside scoop before an interview. Visit The Daily Muse here.

2. TalentEgg

TalentEgg logoTalentEgg is a one-stop shop for all your career-related needs as a student. It has one of Canada’s most popular job boards for students and recent graduates with tons of postings for part-time positions, full-time jobs, internships and co-op opportunities. It’s also really helpful if you want in depth knowledge about a particular industry while finding relevant job postings. TalentEgg is a great way to learn about key players in your target industry during your job search. Visit TalentEgg here.


3. Careerealism

ffI’ve probably referenced more Careerealism articles than any other website because the content and job advice they provide is both helpful and relevant. It’s basically like an online career magazine to help solve your career and job search problems. You can get different perspectives on topics such as resume tips, networking, personal branding, career advice AND SO MUCH MORE! They also host weekly webinars relating to career topics, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Visit Careerrealism here.

4. LinkedIn

ffecIf you want to meet professionals that work in your industry or company of choice, LinkedIn is the place to be! It is a content sharing machine that has become the main source of seeking tailored information for millions of professionals around the world. In fact, the 2014 “Professional Content Consumption Report” claims that LinkedIn is the #1 choice for professionally relevant content. The great thing about this site is that the content isn’t just in the form of an article, but posts often contain videos, slideshows, presentations, infographics, etc. Discover more by following influencers, different channels and publishers. So, what are you waiting for? Create an account and keep up-to-date with industry news. Start your LinkedIn here (also, PS, Ryerson’s Career Centre offers free LinkedIn workshops and headshots to get you started! Look at the calendar of workshops here).

5. Ryerson’s Career Centre

loI guess you could call this shameless promotion, but hey, why not use the online resources of the Career Centre that are specifically targeted for RYERSON students? You can find everything you need to know about writing a kick-ass resume, a fantastic cover letter and creating an effective LinkedIn profile with their comprehensive e-tutorials. Also, if you want to come in person to book an appointment with a Counsellor, Resume Advisor, or LinkedIn Profile Advisor, just create a CareerVault account on the website (which takes less than a minute). Oh by the way, did I mention that all these services are FREE? Make an account at www.ryerson.ca/career.


BONUS: Magnet


Magnet, from the outside, might look no different than a fancy version of Craigslist with parallax scrolling and a nice colour scheme. However, it’s actually powered by WhoPlusYou, a website designed to encourage employers to search for employees instead of vice-versa. As a fun bonus, Magnet was co-founded by Ryerson, so you know that being a student or recent graduate isn’t a disadvantage when applying for jobs on the site. Check out Magnet here.