5 Tips to Thrive During Your First Year!

this picture has three university students with books and laptops sitting on the grass.

Heading into the first year of university can be chaotic and nerve-wracking for a lot of students. There are so many things to worry about, whether it’s picking your classes on course selection day, stressing out about your professor’s two-star RateMyProf rating, juggling multiple assignments, figuring out how to make friends, and most importantly, not knowing where to start!

But fear not! Here are some tips that you can start applying now and into the upcoming semester to create an exciting and engaging first year!

  1. The absolute #1 on our list is to take advantage of the university’s student resources. Student Affairs has a range of services available to help students in different areas of their campus life. Having trouble studying for tests/exams or writing your first essay? The team at Learning Support are here to help you improve. Need someone to look over your resumé or help start you on your career journey? The Career and Co-Op Centre are more than happy to help out and support you! Take a look at Navigate RU, a resource that will prepare you for your first year of studies and beyond with six modules, which will help you navigate your identity, well-being, community, and the university way of life. Each module recommends campus services and resources that can help, and strategies to be your best self. And that’s not all. There are so many more resources at your disposal, for every year you’re at RU. Visit the RU4U website to learn more about them.
  2. Make sure to sign up for the university’s upcoming O-Week events! This year’s Orientation, from August 23 to September 6, will offer various events that can help you prepare for the academic year, meet new friends, foster new connections, de-stress, and much more. Since many Orientation events are in a hybrid format, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet new people and socialize in person as well as online. Our O-Team has been working really hard to deliver a welcoming and exciting orientation this year so be sure to support your fellow Rams and sign up for the school’s upcoming Orientation events at roadtoru.attendease.com/events/
  3. Organize and prioritize. The transition to university student life comes with a hectic work schedule as you try to juggle assignments, tests, and exams throughout each semester all while trying to make new friends. That being said, it’s essential to stay organized and prioritize the school-related tasks in your schedule! It’s good practice to set up a calendar (either physical or virtual) with all your assignments and test due dates written down! In my first year, I was bombarded with assignments and tests; I found it extremely helpful and stress-relieving to log all my assignments and test due dates on the Calendar app on my phone. That habit has stuck with me going into my fourth year and it has done nothing but good things for my student life!
  4. Get involved with RU’s clubs, groups and organizations! Find something that piques your interest. Whether that’s k-pop, video games, or music, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize and foster connections with like-minded people who are passionate about the same things as you.
  5. Find a good study/work spot to maximize productivity and focus! It’s a MUST to find that spot where you can get schoolwork done! It can either be your bedroom desk, a café near you, or even at a park outside! For students living in residence, there’s a variety of spots where you can study and some work done like Balzac’s Coffee, Student Learning Centre, Rogers Communication Centre, the RU Library, and many more! Check our Instagram page for recommendations on good cafés and coffee shops near campus!

Good luck to everyone in their first year of university! We hope these tips help out in creating a fun and exciting year for you! If you have questions or anything you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to email rustudentlife@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.