24 Hour Image Arts Exhibition imagines and inspires

Ryerson’s Engineering building played host to a 24 Hour Image Arts Exhibition today. Presented by the Image Arts Union, the exhibition showcased the work submitted to their 24 Hour Image Arts Competition. These works came from a number of programs, including Film, Photograph and New Media. This exhibition also served as an announcement for the winners of the competition, as there was a final reception from 7-10pm.

Film screenings took place at 11AM, 2PM and 7:30PM; I sadly missed them during my visit around 5. However, I did get to see a number of installations that both provoked my imagination and got me thinking about things: the theme of the pieces I saw was based around the children’s song “Ring Around the Rosie”, and ranged from cheerful to absolutely morbid. I guess that’s the nature of art; different to different people.

The event also marked the first time I’d ever been in the Engineering Building’s third floor atrium. It’s a very picturesque room, with seating spaces at each side for student work. I’d definitely recommend heading over there if you’ve been sitting in the library all semester and are looking for a change of scenery. It almost emits this vibe of being a large bank: white walls, white decor and a whole lot of sunlight shining through those glass walls. Definitely a good study location.