15 Things Everyone’s Thinking During Graduation

That’s a wrap, folks! Spring convocations have come to an end and the Class of 2015 is now officially on their #RoadFromRyerson. We noticed many of this season’s grads shared similar vibes on their convocation day. So, please enjoy this walk-through of the Ryerson grad experience, as told by our newest alumni:

1. Waking up super excited like, “I’m graduating today!”

2. “Why are these childhood tunes stuck in my head?”

3. “These shoes were a bad idea.” (When you’re pumped, but your feet are not as thrilled.)

4. “Mom! Dad! Look! Over here!”


5. “The final challenge of my university career? The line up.”

6. “Is my class really this big?”

7. A lot of waiting… “WHY IS IT SO HOT IN KERR HALL?”

8. “How much longer? Do I have time to nap?”

The answer is always “yes.”

9. “So. Much. Waiting.”

The ceremony finally starts!

10. “Did they just say their name wrong… Or have I been saying it wrong for the last 4 years?”


11. “Cuuuute… But is it my turn yet?”

12. “I did it!”


13. “Now what?”


14. “Well, that’s an expensive piece of paper.”

15. “I can’t believe it’s actually over.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.46.06 AM

We’ll miss you, Class of 2015! Good luck on your #RoadFromRyerson. How did it feel when you were walking across the stage? Share your stories with us @RUStudentLife or in the comments below!