10 Ways to Save on Food Near and Around Ryerson

Food is the third largest expense coming out of our paychecks after housing and transportation. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that food insecurity is a real concern for many students. In fact, 8/10 students admit to feeling worried about making ends meet. Luckily, spending money on food has some wiggle room. Here are 10 ways to save on food near and around Ryerson:

Drop by the Eaton Centre Food Court in the Late Evening for 50% Off Steals

Craving Chinese takeaway, spicy Thai food, or a gourmet pizza after a long evening of studying? Then you definitely need to check out the Eaton Centre Food Court to satisfy your cravings. Did you know that many of the food court kiosks discount meals every night? After 8:30pm, meals are 50% off at places such as Ruby Thai, Szechuan Express, and Sbarro.

Download Restaurant Apps for In-Restaurant Promotions

Restaurants are turning to apps to keep consumers informed of new in-restaurant promotions and coupon deals. Download apps from restaurants near Ryerson to see if any deals satisfy your hunger and budget. For instance, I had the opportunity of receiving a free Big Mac or McChicken every day for week through a promotion offered through the McDonald’s app.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts at Restaurants like Salad King and Spring Roll

Now you can dine without money weighing on your mind. Salad King offers a 10% student discount between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. Spring Roll, the Asian cuisine across from Cineplex Cinema, offers a 15% discount for students. Wherever you go, always ask if they offer student discounts. You’ll be surprised how many do!

Plan When and Where to Do Groceries to Save 10%

Ryerson students receive 10% off groceries at the Metro on Gould Street every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For those who live near or pass College Station, the underground Metro offers this student discount every Wednesday. While you’re there, visit the Bulk Barn nearby. They also offer students a 10% discount every Wednesday. Buying in bulk is a great way to save in the long haul.

Google Coupon Deals like Groupon

Did you know you can find coupon deals simply by Googling? For example, there’s always online coupons for the popular burger joint, Harvey’s, located in the food court under the Cineplex Cinema. Another great way to save if you’re a foodie is to purchase deals on Groupon, which allows you to dine out for less money.

Sign Up to Become a Member of Ryerson’s Community Food Bank

Ryerson has its own food bank service, in which students experiencing food insecurity can register and become a yearlong member. Once a member, individuals will have access to perishable and non-perishable food items, as well as vegetarian or vegan options. In fact, members are able to receive up to 10 items per visit! Memberships are quick and easy to obtain. Register today to see if you qualify.

Follow as many Ryerson and Ryerson-associated Twitter accounts to be notified of free food on campus

Ever walked into the SLC and realized they were giving away free pizza and beverages? Or perhaps a friend messaged you about free hot chocolate from a food truck on campus? By following as many Ryerson-related accounts on Twitter, you increase your likelihood of finding out about free food being offered on campus. Be sure to follow us, RU Student Life, for all your student news and updates.

Check your Ryerson email for Events, Workshops, and Panels offering food refreshments

Ryerson (and most likely your program) offers tons of cool events, workshops, and panels that also provide food refreshments for all attendees. Free food is always a great incentive to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new.

Get a $3 Hot Dog from the Vendor across the Campus Store

On the go? Dash over to the hot dog vendor across from campus for a quick $3 snack. Hot dogs are the perfect food to curb those in-between class cravings.

Take Advantage of the Microwaves on Campus

The best way to save is to pack your own lunches. Luckily, you’re not limited to sandwiches and finger foods. Reheat last night’s leftovers using one of the microwaves available on campus. There are four public microwaves: one is located in Kerr Hall West (across from the Tim Horton’s kiosk), two are located in the George Vari Engineering and Computing building (by the Vari Cafe on the Lower Ground and by the Tim Horton’s Kiosk on the Main Floor), and the fourth is located in Jorgensen Hall (POD60 Lounge by the South Wall).


Make sure to check our Deals Page to see the latest student deals you can access with your OneCard. What ways #RUMoneySmart with food purchases near and on campus? Tweet us @RUStudentLife and share your best saving tips!