10 Things I Won’t Ever Understand

Writing this paper is so boring. It really is. And as I sit here staring at my blank word document, I am trying (yet failing) to identify the relevance of this topic to my life. I just do not understand how writing this paper will benefit my future – unless I become a freelance essay writer (not likely). This thought has inspired me to discuss 10 more things that I just don’t get!

The loss of bobby pins. I swear I buy dozens at a time yet lose them faster than Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries marriage. Also, who’s Bobby?

Letter grades. Why does it go A,B,C,D,F. Where did E go?

Franklin’s name. Why is Franklin the only one with a real name? All his friends have names based on their animal! (Example. Beaver & Otter) – On that note, in The Berenstain Bears why did they name the baby ‘Honey’ when the rest of their names are Papa, Mama, Brother & Sister?

Young people in anti-aging ads. 20 year olds do not have wrinkles. How is this evidence that the product works? Oh wait, it isn’t.

Parents who put their children on leashes. They’re not dogs.

Snooki’s 9-month sobriety. How did the meatball manage that?

The love plot in Clueless. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie – but why does Cher fall in love with her brother? Yes it’s technically her ex-step brother, but still! It was a lot of weird for my child-self to take in.

Uma Thurman’s name creation process. We’ve heard all sorts of crazy celebrity baby names (Apple & such) But I don’t get this one. Uma named her daughter: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Oh, and her nickname is Luna – yeah I don’t get that either. Jason Lee & Uma Therman should have a name-making contest – his kid’s name (my #personalfave) is Pilot Inspecktor.

The fox tail fashion. Just why?

Why does Regina think Gretchen should stop trying to make ‘Fetch’ Happen? Sorry Regina George, but if YOLO happened, anything can.

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