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WEEK 1: Meet Storyteller #3: Jason King

My name is Jason King and I am a graduate from the Social Services Diploma Program at Seneca College. I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the students starting Ryerson University this Fall 2016. I was born on the island of Jamaica and migrated to Canada when I was 15 years old. I will be starting the Bachelor of Social Work program at Ryerson with advance Standing to 2nd year.

I am a youth leader at the Any Goodlife faith-based youth organization and an active member of the Etobicoke North community. I love helping youths and giving back to my community as I often do my best to volunteer in any area I can. I am excited to begin my program; as Ryerson offer many political courses that are exciting for me as I would like to become a leader in my community.

My only fear is being downtown as it can be quite busy at times; I do get a little scared when there are too many people. I love to be alone in a corner and enjoy the sweet aroma of silence while I doze away into my studies. However I’m pretty sure they have quiet study rooms available in the Student Learning Centre.

I am a little anxious to see what classes are like; as I have heard in the past that there are classes in the movie theatre; which sounds really awesome. Additionally coming from college to university for me is a huge step. Being told as a child I am good for nothing to being an honours student now transitioning to University, it is truly scary. Neither of my parents have been to post-secondary school.

The journey to school by public transportation is going to be a little challenging. It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes at the least; to get to school which for me personally is very long. However thinking of the program, my future, and all the fun I will have really compresses that challenge.

Overall I am happy that I have chosen Ryerson and knowing there is a mentoring program available if I need help is soothing. I also want to run for an office in the Student Union; coming from Seneca I was always involved in campus life but the only thing I regret was not running for a position on the Board of Governors or the Federation. My goal is to bring about change within the community of Ryerson and help as many students as possible. My desire and my purpose is to serve others and I am determined I will help as many Students as possible.

My Journey to Ryerson is one that is purpose-driven and I hope all of yours are too. Please follow me on Instagram @DrJJking, Twitter @DRJJking_, and Snapchat @Drjjking to capture every moment of my journey. See you on Campus!!!

Jason King

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