Jason’s Last Week: My First Week Was Amazing

I truly enjoyed the first week of classes. It was difficult finding my class and I eventually got lost. Until I discover a wonderful tool called the map. I eventually made it to class on time the first day only to discover my class was small, which is amazing. The professor is a blessing from above. She is understanding, empathetic and, best of all, active in the field.

The Faculty of Community Services is very understanding and will do their best to help you succeed: these were the words from my professor who is the nicest person on earth. I am happy I chose Ryerson and I think I am going to enjoy my stay here.

Additionally, I got matched with a mentor. Technically we are in the same year however she has been here a year prior, so she can teach me the ins and outs of Ryerson. It is truly a blessing to be here at Ryerson and I look forward to meeting more people.

As always you can contact me @Drjjking on social media and Facebook.com/Drjjking. Enjoy your Road to Ryerson and Welcome to the Ramily.

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