WEEK 3: How to Do RAMMS at 5am


I was kind of stressed out about everything I had heard about trying to get everything done on RAMMS before the server crashes and all the classes you want get full, but everything worked out perfect for me. I filmed the whole process to show you how I did everything (skip to 1:40 if you just want to see how RAMMS works)! I’m glad I was awake and prepared as many students ended up not being able to get on and getting stuck taking their 4th or 5th back-up liberals or getting stuck with a class time they didn’t want. But now we are all done and we get the gift of course intentions from now on so we can get some sleep and take a breath.

Now all that’s left is moving in and frosh week! At this time next week, I’ll have finished my road trip to Toronto!! This month feels like it’s going by so fast yet so slowwwww. I’m excited for this next week as I pack up everything here and travel through the US on the way to my soon to be home!

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